October 20, 2009

Like Father, Unlike Son: Righting the Ship

At 4-2, is Missouri ahead, behind or right where you expected?

Mike: Record wise, I'd guess about where I anticipated. But the look of the offense surprises me. Blaine Gabbert's ease into control has been sped up beyond control. MU looks to have given up on the running game. And the passing game is centered around two senior wide receivers and more downfield passing than I anticipated by this point.

Gabe: Right where I expected before the season. They got there differently, as I thought they'd beat Nebraska. If you want the truth, I think if it's played on a dry field with a healthy Gabbert, they do. But that's neither here nor there. I thought this team would be 4-3 and I thought it would be 8-3. I haven't seen a whole lot to change my mind.

Is there merit to the thought of resting Blaine Gabbert this week?

Mike: No. No merit to it at all. You don't play Gabbert, even if he is no threat to run, and you're giving up before the game is played. The length of the thread discussing that possibility on this board was absurd.

Gabe: There's merit to it. Pinkel won't do it and probably shouldn't because you don't send a message to your team that you've quit before kickoff, but I don't think it's an idiotic suggestion. If he plays and Sergio Kindle sends him to Columbia Regional, there are going to be a whole lot of people who said they thought it was a good idea to sit him. The thing about ankles is they just don't get better going and and playing every week. But it's obvious at this point that the Tigers feel they don't have anyone else who can play the position.

Let's play fantasy land time here for a minute. If Missouri is going to stay in the game and pull an upset, how do they do it?

Gabe: They take the air completely out of the ball. Run it 55 times, throw it 15, be happy with going three and out. You reduce the risk for a turnover, you hope Harry and Ressel are good, hope Colt McCoy makes a mistake or two and win a game 20-17. If it gets any higher than that, Missouri has no shot in my opinion.

Mike: You're kidding, right? You know none of that will happen. You run enough to show you are willing. Then you hit Texas with quick, short passes, the only way you keep Sergio Kindle off Gabbert. And you play defense to keep the ball in front of the secondary. Hope Texas makes a ton of mistakes. Take your chances.

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