October 27, 2009

Did timeouts bother Dawgs?

Georgia coach Mark Richt did his best to deflect the notion that Urban Meyer's decision to call two timeouts in the final minute of last year's 49-10 Gator victory wasn't a big deal.

Although Meyer later said he was simply trying to get some of his seldom-used players some actual game experience, although most assumed it was his way of avenging its loss from 2007 when a majority of the Bulldogs charged the field to dance in the end zone following an early touchdown by Knowshon Moreno.

"We're just most concerned with what it's going to take to win the ball game," Richt said. "That's all we're worried about right now."

But don't think for a second that Meyer's timeout tactic hasn't been forgotten.

According to players like Jacksonville native Bryan Evans, pictures of Meyer calling one of the timeout have adorned the entire lockerroom area, serving as a subtle reminder of what happened during last year's huge win by the rival Gators.

"Every time we see his (Meyer) hands in the timeout position, it reminds us of last year," Evans said. "Hopefully, that can drive us as a team."

Others, however, don't see the gesture as being that big of a deal.

Count quarterback Joe Cox among them.

"I don't know. I think both of them (the dance and the timeouts) were pretty big. We danced on the field and won and they probably felt pretty bad about that. They won and called timeout and we felt pretty bad about that. I don't know who felt worse," Cox said. "Sure, it definitely motivates you because nobody likes to be embarrassed like that but it's not like we've been planning an elaborate scheme to get them back and do something better. They had the right to do that after what we did the year before. Now it's just another football game.

"I know they wanted to get us back from 2007, but now we just want to play football and try to avenge some of what happened last year just because we got beat so bad."

Tight end Aron White took Cox's thoughts a step further, adding that the Bulldogs shouldn't need any extra motivation for Saturday's game.

The fact that it's Florida should be enough reason to want to play well.

"I think that some guys are going to use that as motivation for this game but for me personally, he had a lot of young guys that he was trying to get in like Emmanuel Moody and John Brantley. I think he just used that as an opportunity to get some of those guys in. I don't fault him for it all," White said. "I know a lot of people in the media frown upon him for that, and Georgia fans were obviously not very happy, but I didn't think it was that big of a deal. I'm going to go into this game with just as much motivation with or without it because it's Florida. You shouldn't need a lot of outside motivation to get hyped about it."

Offensive tackle Clint Boling just hopes the Bulldogs are never again in the position where opposing teams are able to take similar liberties.

"Yeah, we've got pictures all over the lockerroom and things like that just because of how that game went," Boling said. "You definitely don't want to have to go through that experience again."

But revenge?

Defensive end Justin Houston said that's the furthest thing from his mind. At 4-3 overall, 3-2 in the SEC, the redshirt sophomore said other issues should hold more importance.

"We don't need to worry about that (the timeouts) right now," Houston said. "We just need to worry about getting back on track."

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