March 16, 2010

Like father, unlike son: Tourney breakdown

First impressions on the draw for Missouri?

Gabe: It's good. Or as good as they could have hoped for. The fact is, unless you've put yourself in position to be a top four seed, you're probably going to be an underdog in round two (unless of course Morgan State can pull the upset). I think the key for Missouri was to draw a team that would be willing to run with them. Clemson most certainly will.

Mike: Good? It's great, provided Missouri can gather itself and take the opportunity. Clemson likes to run, like Missouri. Clemson has lost three of five, to Missouri's three of four. Clemson isn't all that big, like Missouri. So the team that digs in and toughs it out wins this game.

What is the ceiling for how far this team can go?

Mike: Right after the loss to Nebraska in Kansas City, I pegged Mizzou for one and done in the NCAA Tournament. Now, I think it is two and done. The Tigers of Missouri should beat the Tigers of Clemson. But no reason in the world to believe Missouri will beat West Virginia on Sunday.

Gabe: Well, I guess if absolutely everything went their way, the Elite Eight. But come on. Realistically, Sunday is as far as they can go. West Virginia is a very good team that just won the toughest conference tournament in America. Nobody can pick the Tigers to beat them. And if it's somehow a close game, Mizzou better be up four in the final seconds, because Butler from WVU has hit two game winners in his last three games

Give me the one player that is the key for Missouri.

Mike: Zaire Taylor. Absolutely no doubt. By his own admission, his shooting has gone South. Here's a chance to take it East, up a notch, back home in New York. Big Shot is big for Mizzou. Has to be.

Gabe: I have to go with Zaire as well. He is capable of being really good...but he hasn't been for the last couple of weeks (though his three shots in Ames without a doubt are the only reason Missouri is even in this tournament). Taylor has to get his shot back and has to be good on both ends of the floor for Missouri to do anything this weekend.

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