April 17, 2011

Bars talks Blue-White Game

When Nashville (Tenn.) Montgomery Bell Academy linebacker Brad Bars committed to Penn State a few days before the 2010 signing day, no one ever thought it would potentially be the start of something much bigger.

But the more and more younger brother Blake Bars visits Penn State, it's becoming apparent that it could be the start of another Penn State family.

"We just finished up with Brad, we just said our goodbyes," Blake Bars said late-afternoon on Sunday. "We're on our way back to Baltimore now, but we where actually scheduled to go in Friday around 12 O'Clock, but there was some delays and we didn't get there until about 2. So we got to meet with coach Kenney first, we got to talk and I can actually relate with him.

"He's a country music fan and he likes Kenny Chesney, so we kind of hit it off for a bit."

The Bars family visited Penn State last November for the Michigan State game. On Saturday, the weather wasn't much better, but that didn't affect Blake's opinion on the game.

"I thought the game was great and I was really proud of Brad. He got in for a few plays at the end of the first quarter going into the second and he made two tackles, so that was great. Later that night, we got to actually watch it on TV cause it was played later. So that was great sitting with him and watching it."

Weather on Sunday was much more resonable and the Bars family took full advantage of the sunny skies.

"This morning, he was like, 'You can take an official visit and they will show you football wise and everything that goes along with that, but I want to show you the school life.' So he showed me all of the classes, all of the buildings, all of the dorms. That was pretty cool."

"Brad's always like, 'Oh man, you got to come up here, you got to play with me. He is probably a bigger recruiter than Penn State, in terms of the school."

Blake also came with his younger brother, 2014 prospect Alex Bars.

"He was excited to see how all the recruiting works, so that will be him in a few years."

Bars has visited multiple schools in the past month, but he plans on relaxing in the next few weeks.

"I think we're going to take it a little easier. I know some schools want me to visit, Oklahoma wants me to really come down there and check it out, but I think right now, we're going to settle down a little bit and get really prepared for spring ball which starts in May."

So when can we expect a decision?

"Probably late-August, somewhere around that time. I just need some time to piece everything together, talk to my parents about what would be best. I think that's the best time."

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