September 28, 2011

2011 Tiger Mailbag: 23rd Edition

CrouchingTiger04 asks: Based on your experience on the recruiting trail, how would in-state recruiting be impacted if Mizzou went to the SEC? Would Missouri kids generally be more likely to stay home for a chance to play in college football's biggest spotlight?

I'm not sure there would be much impact at all. You can't make the argument of the number of games you're playing in-state because that would remain the same. Would some kids be more likely to join up because you're in the premiere conference in the country? Possibly. But overall, the ones that want to come are going to come and the ones that want to go elsewhere will do that. I know of one in-state kid with whom the move would help and one with whom it could potentially hurt at this point in time, so I think overall, it's not really a needle-mover either way with in-state kids.

cfudgeman asks: Do you think Coach Stec will move some people around on D to get some pressure on the QB or stay with the same plan and just try to improve execution.

The guys playing are the best players. We might see a move at safety, or even a shot for someone else at corner, but the linemen and linebackers I don't think will change personnel-wise. They just have to play better. And it will be interesting to see how they fare against teams like Kansas State and Iowa State that don't have the weapons ASU and Oklahoma have.

CBigsby asks: If Yost is going to refuse to let Josey have more than 10 touches a game why would Pinkel not let him return kicks and punts? That's an immediate upgrade.

In three games since becoming (effectively) the starter, Josey has 11, 16 and 15 touches. So, he has actually NEVER gotten as few as ten in a game. I understand many think he should get more and I wouldn't argue. However, we forget that sometimes penalties may have changed the approach. In the second quarter, when Josey got only three touches, how do we know he wasn't getting the ball on third and one before Matt Hoch's false start or wasn't getting the ball on first down before a penalty put Mizzou in first and 15 and changed the play call? In addition, I would LOVE to see the reaction from fans if Josey returned a punt and got hurt doing it. Then Pinkel would suddenly be foolish for putting him back there. And don't try to tell me that is not true.

ka0grp asks: Other universities have major rivalries with areas schools which are outside of their conference. For example, Iowa State plays Iowa every year. If Mizzou were to move to another conference do you believe they would schedule non-conference basketball games with ku to preserve the rivalry?

Assuming Kansas would agree to it, I would guess Mizzou would continue to try to play the Jayhawks in both major sports. There is some thought that if the Tigers leave, Kansas would refuse to play them. I don't know if it's true or not. That football game, in particular, makes a lot of money. And fans of both schools, I think, would be very disappointed to see the basketball game go away. With only one a year, you could guarantee it would be nationally televised pretty much every time. Taking it a step further, how cool would it be to see Mizzou and Kansas in the Sweet 16 some time? You think the committee won't make that happen at the first chance it gets?

snakhouse36 asks: We try and hit up a new Mizzou away game each fall. Just for fun's sake, can you rank the SEC destinations in terms of tailgating/gameday atmosphere based on what you've heard?

I've only been to one, so I really can't. I'll just give you the list of games in order I would personally look forward to them:

LSU at night
Ole Miss
South Carolina
Mississippi State
Texas A&M (this would be higher, but I've been there, done that and it's not a "new" experience for me personally---for someone that's never been there, I'd put it just below Tennessee on my list).

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