December 4, 2011

Where does Lee stand?

With a 28-13 win over Carver, Burford has earned themselves a spot in the GHSA Football State Championships in a 2010 rematch against the Calhoun Yellowjackets.

While the win was great news - however not unexpected for the stacked Peach State squad - it also meant that its star linebacker and Alabama commit, Dillon Lee, could quite possibly not be in attendance for Georgia's biggest recruiting weekend, the Gala.

"I was going to take my official Kentucky weekend, but (coach Kirk Olivadotti) convinced me otherwise, that Gala was the place to be," Lee said. "So I said, ok coach. But if we played for state, it is on the 9th, so I don't know what that would mean."

This comes as yet another obstacle in the recruiting road for Georgia, as the Dawgs continue to chase the brother of one of the Bulldogs' offensive linemen, Dallas Lee, after getting off to a late start.

Only offering two weeks before his set commit date back in the spring, Georgia has since been working hard to earn the favor of the top in-state target.

"I usually talk to coach Olivadotti at least once a week. I usually get some mail from the coaching staff once a week, saying 'Hey, Dillon. What's up? How's the season going?' You know, just small talk," Lee said. "I have a good relationship with coach (Kirby) Smart at Alabama. You know, he's been recruiting me since my junior year. So I guess Georgia is just playing catch up in that whole deal."

Lee has been in attendance for most of UGA's games this year, including the SEC championship game, and said he was coming as a recruit to all of the home games he was in attendance.

In addition to being a recruit, it also meant he got to be with his family and watch his brother play while he was still healthy and starting for the Dawgs. It would follow, perhaps, that he would have as good of an inside track on the program as anyone, and therefore attending the Gala may not be the be-all and end-all of his recruitment. But as he stated in an interview before earning a bid to State, he isn't quite sure where UGA currently stands and said he wasn't sure what a program would have to do to close the gap.

"You know, they are having a pretty good season," Lee said. "I don't think I really know where I stand with them. I think I'm looking at taking an official visit there to the Gala. I'm not really sure what day that is but I think I'm going to go and check it out. But you know, until that happens, you know, I don't know, I'm still committed to Alabama."

For now, the Alabama commit is focused on finishing a perfect season before anything else. Buford will take on Calhoun, who they beat last year 31-24 for the AA title. As for what he can do to help secure another championship and go out on top for his senior season, Lee said he'll be sticking to what works.

"You know, we've won four state championships in a row. I feel that I just have to keep playing consistently, like I have been all year," Lee said. "I have some ability that I was born with, and then after that I pretty much just do what ever my coaches tell me to do."

Buford will play Calhoun for the kick-off game at the Georgia Dome on Friday, December 9th at 4:30 pm.

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