May 2, 2012

Miller enjoys visit to Michigan State

One of the players that the Michigan State staff has prioritized for the class of 2013 is Matt Miller of St. John's High School in Perrysburg, Ohio. The 6-foot-5, 260-pound prospect was in East Lansing on Saturday for the Green and White Game. caught up with Miller and got the latest details on his recruitment.

Michigan State is being very selective when it comes to offensive line prospects fop the class of 2013, but Miller is a player that the staff feels can help them continue to compete for Big ten championships. Head coach Mark Dantonio offered Miller a scholarship earlier this winter and the staff has kept in regular contact with him ever since.

Miller is rated a 3-star defensive end prospect by Miller has the versatility to play on either side of the ball though most teams, including the Spartans, see his greatest potential to be on the offensive line. We asked miller about his time on campus this past weekend.
"Michigan State was great," he stated. "It is a special place and it was great to see them in action. They are a young team, but the play with great pose and passion. They have things moving there and I am sure they will continue to have great success."

One of the interesting aspects about Miller recruitment is that his brother Jack plays for the Michigan Wolverines last year. The Spartans liked Jack coming out of his school as well. asked Miller about the fact that his brother is a Wolverines and the Spartan covet him for the class of 2013.

"Obviously it is something that comes up," he said. It is definitely something to think and talk about. It is strange though, because as a recruit I love both schools. They both have extremely unique things about them. We will see what happens in the future."

Miller is being recruited by the Wolverines, but has not been offered a scholarship. The Wolverines have loaded up on offensive lineman the last two classes and it could simply be a numbers situation. This would not be the first time the Wolverines and Spartans have gone after brother recruits. Not long ago the Wolverines signed Roger Allison and the Spartans were able to add Ryan Allison.

In addition to being offered by Michigan State, teams such as Illinois, Indiana, Cincinnati, Purdue and Miami of Florida have extend him a scholarship. asked Miller about the things he is looking for when it comes to making a college choice.

"Balance," he said. "I think all of us recruits can agree that we are trying to find a place that fits is in the categories that are important to us. Prestige of the school and the football program is important. Tradition, campus lifestyle, proximity to home as well as the coaching staff are all important. I am looking for the school that fits be the best when looking at all the categories."

Miller is not in a big hurry to make his college choice at this time. He does not have any set plans for the coming weeks, but it is very likely that he will come back up to Michigan State in the summer to spend some additional time with the coaches.

This past weekend he was able to meet with some of the current Spartan commitments like Jon Reschke, R.J Shelton and Damion Terry. Miller was able to get to spend some time with them and build rapport with them. You can be sure that the Michigan State coaches and current commitment will be keeping in contact with Miller and hope to have him become part of the Spartan class of 2013.

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