June 15, 2012

Offer thrills Bostick

It is no secret that the Georgia program is looking hard for defensive backs for the 2013 class.

The Bulldogs have locked up three cornerbacks and one safety thus far, and on Friday they extended another offer at safety to Plant (Tampa, Fla.) standout Paris Bostick.

The offer from Georgia, according to Bostick, was something he had been waiting for and expecting for quite some time.

"I've known they were going to offer me for awhile now," said Bostick. "They came down here recently and told me they like me and want to offer me, but they wanted to go back and talk it over. Then they called today and made the offer. I'm not sure what the hold up was or anything, but I knew they were going to offer at some point."

The Sunshine State defender has some familiarity with the Georgia program, but he also knows he has a lot more to learn about the Bulldogs during the process.

"I don't know a lot about Georgia but I do know a little bit about their coaches and all," said Bostick. "It is no secret that two guys from Plant, Aaron Murray and Orson Charles went to Georgia, so they definitely recruit down here and know us down here."

Bostick admits that he has yet to connect with Georgia's coaching staff, but one member of Georgia's coaching staff does intrigue the three star prospect quite a bit.

"I'm a Christian guy and I do everything for God," said Bostick. "God is my everything and I live for him. One thing I am looking for in a school is a good, Christian coach and I know that Coach (Mark) Richt at Georgia is that kind of guy."

The Plant standout is 39th ranked safety prospect in the country by Rivals.com, and currently has 16 offers from the likes of South Carolina, Arkansas, Texas A&M, Mississippi State, West Virginia, and Louisville.

Despite attracting so much interest from BCS schools, Bostick already has it narrowed down to a top four.

"My top four are UGA, West Virginia, Texas A&M, and Arkansas," said Bostick. "Those are the clear top four schools."

At 6-foot-1, 208 pounds, Bostick already has the size that most schools like in a safety, and he has excellent athleticism to go along with great instincts and solid ball skills.

According to Bostick, the strength of his game lies in his love for football and his experience playing it.

"I've played football since I was five years old and I have played everywhere," said Bostick. "I really like to hit and by physical though. I like to run up and make tackles and make plays on the ball. I feel like I fit well against the run, and I like to be in the action. As a safety I feel like I understand the position well and I work hard to understand the receivers and the routes and stuff. There is nothing like playing safety because you can almost see the play before it happens. I don't know if everyone is like that, but that is how I feel when I am out there.

As someone who has spent a great deal around the game and has received excellent coaching by Head Coach Robert Weiner's staff, Bostick also knows that he as some parts of his game that he needs to improve on.

"I am a solid 4.5 guy right now in the 40, but I want to work on getting faster," he said. "Most schools like my size right now, but I do want to get faster and stay this size so that I can be more effective at the safety position. If I get faster, I know I can get to the ball faster and fill for the run faster and that will only help me down the road."

With July quickly approaching, the confident safety knows hopes to be busy for the rest of the summer, but he is only sure of one place he will visit before school starts back in August.

"I have no idea what is coming up for the rest of the summer as Coach Weiner coordinates all of our visits and he is my transportation," said Bostick. "I know I'll see Georgia before the summer is out though. I know I'll get up there."

Bostick understand that he has the ability to put and end to his recruitment and shut it all down with a commitment, and he also knows exactly what he is looking for when choosing a school to spend the next four years.

"I'm looking for a place where I can get better as a person and get prepared for my future," he said. "Coaches want to call and talk football, but I'm looking for a staff that is interested in me as a person and wants to help me as a person. I'm a Christian guy, and I want to go somewhere that is going to help me be successful after football."

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