June 22, 2012

Will Foster enroll early?

ATLANTA - Reuben Foster has nothing else to prove.

The Alabama commit is the second ranked recruit in the country, and there is virtually no chance he is moving out of the top five barring some sort of catastrophe.

With that said, he still chooses to compete, but not for the glory or the opportunity to make that leap to being the top recruit in the country.

He is at the Rivals100 Five Star Challenge this weekend to get better as a player, and a person.

"I am just here with the mindset to compete and stay humble," said Foster. "I'm here to compete, so that I can go against the best and keep the skills I have as a player. That is my goal. I want to get better."

The star linebacker made the move from Troup County High School to Auburn back in the spring, and since the move, many thought it would give Coach Gene Chizik's staff a chance to get in his ear.

According to Foster, it hasn't been a problem thus far.

"The move has been real good for me," he said. "I know I'm in Auburn's backyard now, and Auburn fans are saying 'come to Auburn' and Alabama fans are saying 'get out of there,' but I haven't had that much pressure or anything. It has been good."

Most know that Foster was present at the Mark Richt Mini Camp last weekend in Athens, and spent the day talking with Georgia coaches and commitments.

After having a few days to reflect on his time at UGA, the five star prospect has nothing but positive things to say about the relationship he has built with the Georgia staff.

"It was great being there and just feeling like family with Coach Mark Richt," said Foster. "He is like family to me, and just to talk with Coach Richt about family and life and anything other than football was great. He is a great man."

Foster spent a lot of time bonding with Richt, but the other Georgia coaches have made an impression on him as well.

"I know all of the coaches well, and they are like a big family too," he said. "I know they all care about me and they are all good guys. Coach (Todd) Grantham, Coach O (Kirk Olivadotti), Coach (Mike) Bobo, and all of them, they have a great plan for the future and you can see that. It isn't where they seem like they know what they are doing, they really know what they are doing there."

Many felt after his visit to Georgia last weekend, that the Bulldogs may have put themselves in position to land the top linebacker in the country.

While he hasn't completely ruled it out, one team is on his mind for the time being.

"I'm committed to Alabama right now. I'm solid to Alabama," said Foster. "Georgia is like family for me. I know the coaches well, and I know the commitments well. I have some great friends going there, but I love Alabama too and that is where my heart is right now."

When Foster made the move to Auburn, one thing he had hoped to do was graduate in December, but it not longer looks like that is possible.

"I wanted to enroll early, but I won't be able to now," said Foster. "I had a chance, but there really is no way for that happen right now, so I'm just planning to do it the normal way now."

Now that it appears it will be a battle until the ink dries in February for the top player in Alabama, the question remains as to whether or not Foster has closed all the doors to other programs.

At this time, it appears that those doors are at least cracked.

"Right now, I plan on signing with Alabama in February," said Foster. "That is right now, I'm just going to say that."

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