July 13, 2012

Film Study: Quincy Mauger

Kell defensive back Quincy Mauger showed up to the Mark Richt Mini camp last month without really being on Georgia's radar. His head coach, Derek Cook, had told UGA coaches about him, so they told him to bring his star safety so they could take a look.

They apparently liked what they saw as Mauger ran a 4.52 in the 40 yard dash, and impressed defensive coordinator Todd Grantham enough that when the camp took a break, he went inside and took a closer look at the Kell standout.

Grantham emerged from the Butts-Mehre shortly after prepared to offer the Kell standout, and less than a month later, Mauger is a Bulldog.

Where he is great: Mauger is an instinctive player that has a natural ability to play centerfield in a defense. He is the type of safety that will thrive when there is pressure on the quarterback because of his quickness and ability to read the eyes of the quarterback.

He loves to play over the top of receivers and takes excellent angles. Despite the fact that he is only 6-feet tall, he does a good job going for the ball in the air, and has the body control needed to go around defenders to break up the pass.

Mauger is also a very solid tackler without being a big hitter. He does a good job of squaring his shoulders and tackling at the appropriate height. He wraps up well and understands how to bring ball carriers down in space.

Where he is good: Mauger has solid but not great hands, and has good acceleration. When he makes a read on the ball in front of him, he his first few steps are explosive enough to make a play on the ball or arrive as the ball gets to the receiver.

Mauger has solid speed for a defensive back, and covers a lot of ground due to that speed and his instincts. He has a compact body that can hold up well in the secondary.

He has decent to solid flexibility, and already has a very strong upper body to go with good, quick feet. Mauger is also a solid leaper and has the ability to flip his hips and transition from back pedal to spring well.

Where he needs work: Mauger's footwork can sometimes be sloppy, and he plays a bit high in his back pedal. His lower body strength is decent, but he needs to learn how to get more explosion from his lower half when tackling.

One concern about Mauger is his length. He isn't short for a safety, but he doesn't have the long, rangy arms that a lot of defensive coordinators like in their defensive backs.

Overall: Mauger has flown under the radar to this point, but we get the feeling that his best football is ahead of him. He has gotten a lot faster over the past year, and if he keeps doing so, he will be a very good prospect down the road. He is a guy who has high football intelligence, and has a natural feel for the game. Simply put, he is a natural football player. He takes pride in his ability to go after the football, and he does so very well. From day one he will be the type of guy that can be a special teams ace, but we have very little doubt that he can contribute at the safety position. That time may come sooner rather than later because his ability to prepare mentally is solid and he is a hard worker. He reminds us of a bigger, faster Tra Battle.

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