October 2, 2012

Harrison Sr. says that the twins have not made a decision

Aaron Harrison Sr. kept his answer short and sweet when asked what made his twin sons, five-star guards Andrew Harrison and Aaron Harrison, decide to make their college decision public on Thursday evening live on ESPN-U, where the twins will choose between Kentucky and Maryland.

"They're ready!" Harrison told Cats Illustrated.

While the twins will be ready to announce that decision to fans across the nation on Thursday, Harrison maintains that his sons have not quite made that decision; but they will sometime in the next two days.
"They haven't actually made the decision," said Harrison, "But they are close enough to make it on Thursday."

Since the decision is not 100% finalized, Harrison said that Maryland coach Mark Turgeron's visit with the twins on Wednesday afternoon will not be to inform him of the decision. Rather, the visit with Turgeron should give Maryland one more chance to make a pitch to the Fort Bend (Tex.) Travis guards.

No one is more ready for the decision process to end then Harrison, who has taken the majority of recruiting calls for his sons over the last few years. Harrison makes no apologies for the way that he handled the boys recruitment, and expands on that by saying that his strategy is to not allow Andrew and Aaron to lose focus on school and their development.

"The way we as a family handle the recruiting process is designed so that they can be kids. For me, it's all about what's best for them. I don't want to allow them to get overwhelmed."

With rumors earlier this week saying that the only person that can get the brothers on the phone is an Under Armour executive, Cats Illustrated was eager to find out if that is the truth.

In his answer, Harrison was very candid.

"I don't want them to be bombarded with calls by different people." Said Harrison, "But, there are some people who have talked to them, so it's a little bit of both.

"They talk on the phone but they have two phone numbers, I think that the only people that have the other number is the guy from Under Armour who is in charge of summer basketball, coach (John) Calipari and coach Turgeron."

Thursday evening after giving the last quote to reporters about his sons choice, Harrison hopes that the family can sit back and enjoy Aaron and Andrew's senior year without having to answer any more questions about Kentucky versus Maryland.

The family has not discussed if the twins will be attending the midnight madness event of the school that they choose, but Harrison said that it is definitely a possibility.

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