September 9, 2013

Johnson on UNC visit

Robert Johnson has returned from his official visit to The University of North Carolina. And now that the visit is over, spoke to his father, Robert Sr. about the visit.

"It was exactly what we expected," said Johnson. "First class all the way. From the planning to seeing everything and talking with the people there, it was just what we expected."

Johnson and his family were able to tour the basketball museum, see the facilities and spend some intimate time with Roy Williams.

"The history and tradition is just so rich there, I mean it's Carolina. The thing is that it's what we expected to see, and it was just a great visit. We all had a good time."

Johnson said he and his son had some questions for the UNC head coach and that Williams has built a level of trust and rapport with them, particularly about the things that he finds important in his decision making process.

" I told Coach Williams, I said 'Coach, Rob wants to make an impact right away,' and he told us that he saw that opportunity right away with UNC," said Johnson.

"He said that he has some talented players coming in with Justin Jackson and some of those guys. He says that he has guys that can come in score and make plays, but he doesn't have that guy that can shoot from long range like Robert can. They just love him and think he's what they need to come in and be a shooter, a scorer and a guy who can defend the one and the two," he continued.

Johnson will have several workouts this week that are open to college coaches. Coaches from Indiana and Virginia were in the house today and UNC and Florida State are slated to watch the 6-3 SG work out tomorrow at Benedictine School in Richmond, Virginia.

"He's got a tough decision ahead of him. So many great options and he's built relationships with all of these great coaches. In the end, though, he can only go to one of these schools and he wants to go somewhere that he can make an impact right away. There are some kids that have goals for their junior and senior year of college, to be all this or all that and win a championship. Robert wants to do all of that in his freshman year. He's going to work hard and achieve his goals."

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