October 1, 2007

Like father, unlike son: Big game opener

What is Missouri's biggest advantage going into this game?

Gabe: It has to be Chase Daniel and the Tiger passing game. That is the biggest advantage for the Tigers going into pretty much every game. Nebraska fans have been all over the Husker linebackers of late. If their linebackers aren't playing well, it's going to be impossible to cover Rucker and Coffman.

Mike: You're spot on. But I'll go a little further. Jeremy Maclin and Tommy Saunders should also make it a long day for the Blackshirt LB's on Saturday night. Guess that would be a long night. Nebraska can't cover those guys and the tight ends as well.

How about the biggest disadvantage?

Mike: Nebraska doesn't have as many offensive weapons as MU. But Sam Keller could hurt the MU defense with the same kind of strategy. MU has to figure Nebraska will try to run and milk clock. But if Keller dinks and dunks, that could make the NU running game even more effective.

Gabe: I think we pretty much agree. Missouri's toughest task is stopping Marlon Lucky. Last season, Nebraska ran on first down, ran on second down and threw a screen pass on third down. I see no reason to change this year. I don't think the Huskers can come in and win a shootout. But if they can hold on to the ball for 35-40 minutes, I think they can win a 31-28 game.

After seeing what happened on Saturday, what is your take on the Big 12?

Gabe: My take is that Texas isn't Texas. They just aren't that good. Oklahoma, they just had an off day and they're still the best team in the South. I thought before last weekend that the Tigers and Huskers were the only teams capable of winning the North. I still think those two have to be looked at as the leaders (with Saturday's winner the top dog) but I now think Kansas and Kansas State might be capable of making a run if things break right for the rest of the season.

Mike: My take is that by Sunday morning the Big 12 could have no unbeaten teams. I'm betting Kansas State, at home, will knock KU from the unbeaten ranks. And Nebraska has a shot - if Chase Daniel is off his game - to do the same to the Tigers.

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