October 29, 2007

Woodland ready to be a Tiger

Harmony Prep in Cincinnati, OH is not the most well-known school in the country, but it was just the right fit for Rolandis Woodland. After committing to the Missouri Tigers last year, Woodland found himself at Harmony this season where he said things have gone very well for him.

For someone like Woodland, whose speed impressed both recruiting experts and coaches alike, the speed he saw in prep school this year surprised him. He said that he had to adjust, but once he did, it has helped him for the better.

When he hasn't been playing or in class, Woodland has kept a close eye on the Tigers during their impressive run this season. He said that he's been excited to see the team get better and better, even though he inst there to be a part of it just yet.

In his spare time, Woodland has tried to keep up with his recruiter from Missouri, Cornell Ford. The two try to keep in touch the best they can with their busy schedule, but Woodland added that Coach Ford was not the only Tiger he kept in touch with while in Cincinnati.

With his season now over, Woodland said he will finally have a chance to make it to a Missouri game this year. After not attending one to this point, Woodland joked he may make up for it in the next month. He also said that he'll have to make up for missing a game this year that everyone wanted to see.

Woodland said the season at Harmony has not only been good for himself, but for current and future teammate, George White. The two have become good friends while at the prep school and hope it continues as they make their way southward.

For now, Woodland said he just needs to get everything in order to make sure that he can make it to Columbia. He said that if all goes as he hopes it will, the final stop in Columbia should be come in the next few months.

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