December 5, 2007

Hoch with visits upcoming

After being committed to Nebraska for the last several months, Harlen (IA) OL Dan Hoch has started looking around at a few other schools. He said that it's been interesting getting to learn about other schools as he has started looking around.

Hoch said that he hasn't been able to speak with any of the new coaches in Lincoln, but hopes to soon. He said while he was at a basketball game, a coach he had gotten to know earlier in the recruiting process had called to talk about a different school.

As he's been lookin around, one of the schools that Hoch has taken a interest in has been the Missouri Tigers. Hoch said that he has enjoyed getting to know Missouri coach Andy Hill. The two have enjoyed getting to know each other better over the last month or so.

Hoch said he has been happy to see the success of the Tigers this year, even if their last game was not their best. He said that he is very interested in the way that Missouri uses their linemen to create success on offense.

Hoch has been talking quite a bit with some of his fellow members of the 2008 class, but one of the best friends he's made in the past months has been Blaine Gabbert. The two have been talking quite often about everything that may come up.

Hoch said that he was planning on taking a couple visits before he made his decision. He wasn't sure when that might be, but with there being a new coach in Lincoln, it would be a lot easier to make his decision.

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