February 13, 2008

Just Joshin': Best of 2008

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Just Joshin' is a commentary article written by SoonerScoop.com associate editor Josh McCuistion. It's a lighthearted look at any topic possible relating to Oklahoma athletics.

It's now a week since the completion of the class of 2008, and it's time for the yearly 'best of' awards. From the typical to the strange there are plenty of moments to relive in the Sooners No. 5 ranked class of 2008. Take a look as SoonerScoop.com breaks down the best of, and sometimes worst of, 2008.

Best Of…Heartbreaks: Really is there any other pick outside of Julio Jones. I know, I know, many of you had kept your calm about Oklahoma's chances of landing the five-star wide receiver from Foley, Ala. but let's face it the board wasn't loaded at around 11 a.m. central last week by accident as the world waited for Jones' decision.

The decision may not have broken the class' back, but as the title indicates I have little doubt it broke some hearts.

Best Of…Commitments: This one would have to go to Joshua Jarboe, while the hat ceremony seems to keep endlessly going on at least Jarboe found one of the few remaining ways to put a twist on it. With Oklahoma long-thought to be the favorite, and I not able to watch it was a bit disheartening to hear that Jarboe had placed no Oklahoma hat on the table of those he would be choosing between.

Turned out he chose to let the Sooner hat sit below another and picked the Sooners as anticipated. If he had not simply been hiding the Oklahoma hat, he probably would have supplanted Jones on the previous topic.

Best Of…Stories: No question for me it's Mike Balogun. For those who don't know his first few years out of high school were spent as a construction worker in Maryland before trying his hand against at Lackawanna (Penn.) C.C. Balogun will spend his time in Norman not only living out his own dream but that of people all across the country working day-to-day who never quite got the opportunity they deserved.

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