July 9, 2008

Powered Up: One question left to answer

Talk about doing a 180. Fall camp starts in less than four weeks, media days across the country are a couple weeks away. This time of year has featured many questions at Mizzou in recent memory: Is this the year they turn the corner? Will Missouri ever win a big game? Is Gary Pinkel still on the hot seat?

These aren't ancient questions. They were asked last July. Now, suddenly, they've been replaced by new queries: Can Mizzou win a national title? Is anybody good enough to beat the Tigers in the Big 12?

In the last couple of years, one national writer listed Pinkel among his five worst coaches in America. He is now rated among the top 15 by Rivals.com. This week, a writer for the Dallas Morning News (prime time Longhorn country) picked the Tigers not only to win in Austin, but to roll through the regular season unbeaten, win the Big 12 title and play in the BCS championship game. Heady stuff indeed.

But you know all this. The major topic of discussion among Mizzou fans seems to be this: What changed?

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