December 13, 2008

Bowl practice: Gabbert takes over

It would be tough to find someone who had a better week than David Yost. First, Yost's wife gave birth to a baby boy, Keaton Moore. Then, on Friday afternoon, Missouri announced Yost's promotion from quarterbacks coach to offensive coordinator.

"Excellent week," Yost said. "A little baby boy that's healthy and home and hopefully will like to sleep more than last night. It was a good week. My wife is healthy and my daughter's accepting that she's not an only child now and we're working through things."

Not that either development was a surprise. Yost had nine months to prepare for the arrival of his son...and even longer for his new job.

"Coach Pinkel, we talked quite a while ago about it and when this might go down and we've talked other years about it, too," Yost said. "My goal has always been to be an offensive coordinator and it's great to get to that point."

The move was expected by Missouri's players as well, and was welcomed with enthusiasm.

"We all knew it was coming," said freshman quarterback Blaine Gabbert. "All the quarterbacks and the offense is ecstatic. Losing an offensive coordinator, you never want that to happen, but with coach Yost stepping right in, that's great."

Yost has already been very involved in the day-to-day operation of both the game planning and calling plays on Saturdays. He said little will change in his job description.

"Right now, not a lot because coach Christensen, he's working on some Wyoming things, but he's still doing a lot of the game-planning with us," Yost said. "I think why we've been so successful and so good at things is because he doesn't just sit there and say, 'We're gonna run this play because I want to run it.' We sit in there and there's five offensive minds. Coach Pinkel comes in, Chase Daniel's even come in before, we've got graduate assistants and we're going to run the best play to put our guys in the best position to be successful. That's not going to change a lot in that way...It's a group effort, it's not one guy."

Don't expect wholesale changes to the Tiger offense. Yost was jokingly asked if he was working on adding a fullback or installing some plays out of the I-formation.

"We'll probably have one guy in the backfield at least most of the time," Yost said with a smile.

One guy besides the quarterback?

"I don't know about that."

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