March 30, 2009

Like Father, Unlike Son: The Future

The most important question, where will Mike Anderson be next year?

Gabe: Missouri. I think it will be announced this week. Alabama was the only one that should have concerned anyone. Thinking out of Athens that he will go to Georgia is, well, laughable. If it happens, I'll invite any UGA fan reading this to email me. Might even give you my cell number. That's how sure I am that it is NOT happening. Anderson will be at Missouri until these freshmen graduate, at a minimum, and maybe quite a bit longer than that.

Mike: I have never thought Anderson would leave. He views his players as a part of his family and you don't tell seven new players you're leaving them after only one year. He'll be at Missouri.

Looking back, give me three things you'll remember from this season.

Mike: No. 1: Talking to Zaire Taylor about finding a home at Missouri following the Big 12 Tournament title victory. That's going to stick with me for a long, long time.

No. 2: Kimmie English's 15 points in five minutes, and then coming in to shoot the free throws for J.T. Tiller. I mean, wow!

No. 3: That Memphis game. Double wow. The game that proved - to the nation - that Missouri basketball is back.

Gabe: The Memphis game. Considering everything that was at stake, best performance I've ever seen from a Missouri team.

The Oklahoma game. That one told me the fanbase was back. It was as wild as a Kansas game without the Jayhawks being in the building. And getting the fans back was the most important thing Missouri had to do this season.

English in Boise. I mean, like I said in the Instant Analysis of that game. Kid's got some stones (except I don't think I said stones).

You asked the question last week: Is this the best Missouri team ever?

Gabe: Yeah. It's not the most talented, but in terms of what it accomplished, how can you argue otherwise? School record for wins, conference tournament title, Elite Eight. How can you argue this wasn't the greatest season in Tiger hoops history?

Mike: You have to give the label to this team as The Greatest Team in MU history. For the same reason that so many voted for the 1993-1994 team in our poll. A team greater than the sum of its parts, as Norm said of the 1994 team. We didn't see this coming and that made it all the more meaningful.

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