September 7, 2009

Like Father, Unlike Son: Revised Expectations?

So, I know both of us had Missouri winning, but that was still a surprise right?

Gabe: Well, it was, but the thing is, I forgot to include the Zook factor.  Playing against a team he coaches is like starting with a 14-0 lead. So, while I picked Missouri to win by six, that really should have been 20. But honestly, yeah, I'm surprised at how easy it was. But I'm not surprised at how Missouri played. The guys that starred in this game (Gabbert, Kemp, Alexander, Jacquies and Aldon Smith) are the guys I've been saying impressed me all month.

Mike: The total domination shocked  me. What part of the game did Missouri not master? The coin flip? They lost that. I won't pile on Zook. We both knew before this game that his coaching ability was suspect.

The most surprising aspect of the game was...

Gabe: Most will say Gabbert, but I expected him to be good.  For me, it was the defense. Missouri clearly took the approach of making Juice Williams win the game with his arm. And he couldn't do it. Dave Steckel put together a hell of a plan. I think they've got a guy running the show who's going to be a MAJOR upgrade.

Mike: I go with you. Dave Steckel deserves a pat on the back. He won't take it, of course. He'll find some reason to be resentful of it. But he deserves it.

Prediction for this week?

Gabe: I don't think Bowling Green is terrible.  But I don't think Illinois is terrible either.  Missouri won't have much problem.  41-17 Tigers Missouri and Washington and Moore remind everyone why we were talking them up all camp. Those two combine for 160 on the ground in the win.

Mike: I'll make that 42-10. This team is better than I thought it would be. As long as Gabbert stays healthy, I don't think 10-2 is unreasonable. Probably, okay, probably not. But within the realm.

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