September 14, 2009

Like Father, Unlike Son: Week Three

So is the real Missouri team the one we saw against Illinois or the one we saw against Bowling Green?

Mike: If Missouri played every week the way it did against Illinois then the Tigers would be in the BCS title game. I don't expect that to happen. The real Missouri team will be something a little different every week until at least the mid-point of the conference season. Missouri is 2-0 and I fully expect the Tigers to roll into the Nebraska game 4-0. If they can win a game like the Bowling Green game, that is a plus.

Gabe: Neither. It's somewhere in between. Illinois helped the Tigers out by having a terrible game plan and not executing it well. Bowling Green played a solid (but not great) game. Missouri is a team that can look phenomenal one week and terrible the next simply because they have so many young guys. But the thing about football is with a week between games, there is a lot of time for people do break down all the minutiae. Every snap is overanalyzed. Bottom line, Missouri won. It wasn't pretty, but in a month, nobody will care.

It's fashionable to bash the Big 12. Is it down?

Gabe: Hard NOT to be down after the last couple years. In 2007, the league had three teams with a legit shot to play for a national title on the last weekend of the regular season. Last year, it had two teams in the running for such an honor. No other league can say that. So yeah, it's down. But I think Texas still has a shot to be in the national title race. The top half of the league is decent. But the very top isn't quite as good as the past few years and the bottom (Colorado, KSU, I'm looking at you) is flat putrid.

Mike: It is too early to bash any league. When Oklahoma gets Bradford back the Sooners will be fine. I personally don't like Texas much, but the Longhorns are good. Oklahoma State stubbed its toe but is a top 25 team. And Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska all are in the bottom half of the top 25. When you have six of your 12 teams are ranked or close to it, how bad can the league be?

Not going to waste a lot of time analyzing it, but give me a prediction against Furman.

Mike: Missouri wins 45-0. You're too young to have seen the TV Show "Have Gun Will Travel." But the lead character Paladin was a gun for hire. The Paladins of Furman are simply a team Missouri has hired to give it another non-conference victory.

Gabe: I haven't seen the show, but I know the song from "Stand By Me" which is the greatest movie perhaps ever made and about which I could write a few pages. But to the point, Missouri 48, Furman 14. Good time for a game to get some confidence back.

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