September 24, 2009

Zo Knows Nevada

Each week during the season will give subscribers an inside look at the team through a former player's perspective. Former Tiger Lorenzo Williams will give Tiger fans his perspective on the team, the upcoming game and Missouri's opponent. This week, we check in with Zo on the eve of the Tigers' tilt with Nevada.

Just how tough is it to go on the road to a place like Nevada, where the game is the biggest one they have and they're gunning for you?

ZO: Its only tough if you go out there and start slow and lolly-gag through the first half and end up looking up at the score board and your in a dog fight with 3:16 left to play in the 3rd quarter. If you go out there and take care of business like you should, the game is easier and all that "We can upset a top conference top 25 team!" turns into "Man, I see why they are playing in the Big XII and they are in the top 25!"

Does playing somewhere with high altitude have a big effect?

ZO: It does believe it or not. One of the funniest post game moments happened when we played at New Mexico in 2006. Xzavie, Brian Smith, Tank, Stryker, and myself were "self diagnosed" with altitude sickness. Xzavie and me nearly passed out and Smitty couldn't see (probably blinded from a 4 sack game) The high altitude makes your chest feel like your shoulder pads are way too tight and you don't even have your shoulder pads on yet! Luckily Coach Ivey has developed a top secret way of getting you ready for the high altitude.

Finally, give me your quick analysis and prediction for the game on Friday.

Zo: I think Nevada makes a few plays early offensively and defensively, but the Wolfpack is no match for the Tigers. Defense shuts them down behind Spoon and Ebner. The Smiths go nuts again and offense plays well after the 1st quarter behind Danario, Jared "Toothpick" Perry (who is playing like the whole tree right now) and D. Wash. Mizzou 38, Nevada 13 and we go into the bye week healthy and ready to rumble in the ZOU! THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL! ESPN! DID I MENTION IN THE ZOU?

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