October 7, 2009

Zo Knows Nebraska

Each week during the season PowerMizzou.com will give subscribers an inside look at the team through a former player's perspective. Former Tiger Lorenzo Williams will give Tiger fans his perspective on the team, the upcoming game and Missouri's opponent. This week, we check in with Zo on the eve of the Tigers' tilt with Nebraska.

Thursday night, ESPN. What's it like to play a game like that where you're about the only game in the country that anybody's watching?

ZO: Thursday night... In the ZOU... Are you kidding me Gabe?! It's unbelievable. The atmosphere, the anticipation, the nation watching, guys waiting on their chance to show the world they mean business! NEBRASKA! It doesn't get any better Gabe! I got you excited now, huh?

Put Nebraska on a list of teams you wanted to beat as a Tiger. Are they at the top?

ZO: I was completely unaware of the loosing streak we had against Nebraska coming to Mizzou as a freshman. But after we beat them for the first time in 25 years, I knew that that was important and it kind of became a rivalry between us. So on the list of teams I wanted to beat they'd be third following KU and Oklahoma.

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