Five rising after second scrimmage

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There is just one more scrimmage remaining for players to make their final impressions upon the Missouri coaching staff. We highlight five guys who helped their cause on Saturday:
Brandon Coleman: Coleman acted somewhat appalled last week when he was asked how close the race was between himself and Chase Patton. Had anyone asked him today, he'd have had a right to be upset. It was more what Coleman didn't do than what he did. The numbers weren't dazzling, but he has not turned the ball over in two scrimmages while Patton threw three picks. Race over.
Connell Davis: The mercurial Mizzou fan base has anointed this kid as the second coming and then given up on him, all in the span of a few months. But Davis showed well on Saturday, gaining 56 yards on 11 carries. He's only put the ball on the ground once that we can remember since Gary Pinkel got all over him early in camp.
Del Howard: It wasn't so much that we noticed what Howard did on Saturday. However, at cornerback, if you go unnoticed, that is probably a good thing. When the head coach says you'll play as a true freshman after the scrimmage, you're doing all right.
Tommy Saunders: The kid just gets it done. He catches screen passes, he goes over the middle, he runs the wide receiver option. He does everything, as this quote after the scrimmage shows: "Whatever I can do to make the team better," Saunders said. "If they want me to catch one ball, two balls, whatever they want. If I need to block 100 plays, I'll block 100 plays."
Chase Daniel: How o you help yourself when you're already the No. 1 quarterback? Well, you do what Daniel did on Saturday. After going 15-for-19 for 172 yards and a touchdown, Daniel was asked how he thought the number one offense played: "Great," he replied. In three scrimmages as the number one quarterback, Daniel is now 42-for-52 for 492 yards, five touchdowns and no interceptions. Not bad.
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