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Like father, unlike son: On a roll

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Fill in the blank. This is the best Tiger team since…
My frame of reference only goes back to 1984. There's not a question in the world this is the best Tiger team since then. It's not really fair for me to compare them to Devine's teams of the 60's because I never saw them, obviously.
Well, since I got back a wee bit further than you, let's draw the comparative line at 1969. That team had a great dual-threat quarterback in Terry McMillan. It had a great all-purpose guy in Jon Staggers. It had a tremendous running back in Joe Moore. It had a tough, tough defense. And it was coached by Dan Devine and was the last MU team to go to the Orange Bowl. I have a sneaking suspicion this one is even better. I know the receiving and tight end corps are.
The most impressive thing in the Colorado game was…
The defense. As good as the receivers and the offense were, they didn't have to be because the defense was flat out dominant. Hugh Charles got well over half his yards on three carries. Colorado had no prayer to complete a pass beyond 15 yards. Had the offense and special teams not handed the Buffs two scores, Missouri played shutout defense.
Tip of the helmet to the D. No doubt about that. But some of those catches - the second one by Will Franklin, the first one by Jared Perry, a couple by Chase Coffman. Well, that is what rang my bell. And it is still ringing.
Time to start talking about it. Is there any way Missouri plays for the national title?
Frankly, no. I think the national title game is Oregon versus LSU. Even if Missouri wins out. And I don't think Oregon or LSU will lose again.
Well, if those two teams win out, you're right, Missouri won't make it. And they probably wouldn't deserve to. LSU has beaten six teams ranked in the top 20 at the time of the game. Oregon has wins over three of the nation's top 15. That's strong. But if Missouri wins out, they need two losses. Out of Oregon, LSU and Ohio State, two of those teams lose, the Tigers are playing for the whole shootin' match.
Looking to the West, do Missouri and Kansas win out going to Arrowhead?
KU and MU will win out to Arrowhead. I thought KU might lose to Texas A&M. Others now think Oklahoma State could trip up the Hawks. I don't. OSU has no defense at all. I think KU and MU win big next Saturday for sure.
I think you're right. People keep trying to drag Kansas down and all they do is win. I think they find a way in Stillwater and I think they demoralize Iowa State. Missouri will win each of its next two by three touchdowns or more. This team is rolling. As for the game at Arrowhead, well, I'll save that prediction for a couple weeks from now.
The prediction this week?
Missouri wins 41-14. The two A&M touchdowns are set up by offensive mistakes. And this one is never close after the first half. And if a capacity crowd is held down by somebody who would rather hunt Bambi, then somebody should be shot in a non-lethal area.
At first, I was going to pick a very similar score. But I've changed my mind. One thing I like about the way this team is going is that they get up big, they just keep going. And their coach lets them do it. Whether he'd ever admit it or not (and he wouldn't) I think Gary Pinkel knows the rare air his team is in. Chances to play for a national title don't come along very often. If you get one, you take every chance you have to make a statement. 55-10 did that a lot more than 38-17 would have. Missouri just rolls over a team that has mailed it in for the year. I'm going 52-13 for a final.
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This is just a sample of the type of coverage you will get every day during the Tiger season. Click here to start your free PowerMizzou.com trial