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Like father, unlike son: On to AM

So, is it time to believe in the defense?
Dominique Hamilton told me it was and he's bigger than I am. I think it is. But Colorado isn't a great offense, so I'm going to wait one more week before I declare Dave Steckel the Big 12's assistant coach of the year. Shut down A&M and I'm on board all the way.
I'm ready to declare this the best Missouri defense in the last three years. The previous two years were bad, so that is probably faint praise. It would be wise to check back when more league games are in the rearview mirror. But I'm encouraged.
And what about the other side of the ball?
I don't see any reason to panic, but there needs to be a level of understanding. This Missouri offense isn't the same kind as the Chase Daniel point machines. But that should not be surprising. The receivers aren't as good. And Missouri kicked its best running back off the team just prior to the start of the season. That said, when it is on, Missouri's offense is good enough to win most games.
One hundred percent correct. It's just not as good as it has been. We are finding out just how unique Chase Daniel was. We knew he was good, but I don't know if we realized how good. Same goes for some of the receivers we've seen around here. The Tigers aren't going to score 45 every week. But they don't have to either anymore.
Should Trey Barrow start at tailback?
Maybe, he looked pretty quick. In all seriousness, though, that play is an example of the coaches not getting the credit they should get. If Barrow never punts before that, CU knows something is up. By putting him out there for a couple punts over the last couple weeks, the Buffs weren't tipped off.
Ha-ha. Seriously, I think Henry Josey should start at tailback. I'm not against rotating tailbacks, but I'd like to see MU open with its biggest breakaway threat.
At the start of the season, everyone looked at the upcoming stretch as the one that would define Missouri's season. What makes the next four games a success?
You keep talking about a four-game stretch. I don't see Texas Tech in the same light as Texas A&M, Oklahoma and Nebraska. In other words, I'm expecting Missouri to beat Tech, even in Lubbock. I also believe Missouri should win at A&M. Do I see MU, as currently playing, beating OU? No. And right now you can't say Missouri is going to win at Nebraska. If the games fall that way, I think Missouri rolls through the regular season with only two losses, and that's better than I thought they could do. If they lose to A&M, OU and Nebraska, then it takes the edge off of the season. You can still finish 9-3. But three straight losses; that would really leave a bad taste.
I agree that Tech isn't as good as the others. And I also agree that right now, the Texas games are ones that Missouri should expect to win. A split in this stretch sets you up for 10-and-2, which any rational person would be very happy with. If you somehow manage to win three, then you're looking at a season that could be just as special as 2007. And if you only win one, there's no other way to spin it: It's disappointing.
What is the prediction for this week?
28-21 Mizzou. I don't think this MU team will be intimidated by A&M, even at A&M.
I will agree they won't be intimidated. They'd better not because this is clearly the worst team Missouri will play in the next three weeks. I think these teams are very, very similar. They have defenses that are better than they've been in recent years, but still have something to prove. They have quarterbacks who were picked by nearly everyone as the top two in the league in the pre-season, but haven't really backed that up so far. The talent is even. I think the difference is that Missouri's offensive line is better (last week notwithstanding) and even if Gabbert hasn't been great, he hasn't turned the ball over at the alarming rate Jerrod Johnson has. I'll go with the Tigers 27-23.
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