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PowerMizzou roster draft: Round One

Spring football has come and gone, and we are now in the midst of an arduous, four-and-a-half month wait for the 2018 college football season to kick off. To help get everyone through the offseason, PowerMizzou is debuting a new series.

Reporters Gabe DeArmond and Mitchell Forde are going to do a mock draft of players from the Missouri football roster. The concept is similar to that of a fantasy sports draft. Each day, we will publish a new "round" of the draft, in which each writer will select one player. Gabe and Mitchell will each build a roster of 22 players, 11 offensive and 11 defensive. We are designating Corey Fatony the all-time punter and Tucker McCann all-time kicker so we don't have to worry about drafting specialists. The draft picks will be made under the assumption that all Missouri players will be healthy for the season-opener.

Ultimately, each writer will display his complete roster and subscribers will vote as to who has assembled the better team, or who made the better case for his roster being better.

Monday is the first round of the draft. Mitchell will pick first. The draft will proceed in a snake format, so Gabe will pick first in Round 2. Here we go.

With the first overall pick in the inaugural PowerMizzou roster draft, Mitchell Forde has selected quarterback Drew Lock.
Jordan Kodner/PowerMizzou

Round One

Mitchell's pick: Drew Lock, quarterback.

Shocker, I know. Not only is quarterback the most vital position on the field, it's also the position at which Missouri has the biggest dropoff between the starter and backups. Picking the guy who just set an SEC single-season record with 41 touchdown passes in a season over four backups who have thrown a whopping 10 career passes in Division I games combined was not a difficult choice.

Gabe's pick: Terry Beckner Jr., defensive tackle

Since I know I don't need to worry about getting a QB right away, I'll go with the guy I think is the second best player on the team. Beckner is going to anchor my defense and I think the dropoff here is probably bigger than it is at most other positions. He'll make the rest of my defense better.

PowerMizzou roster Draft
Round Mitchell Forde Gabe DeArmond

Round One

QB Drew Lock

DT Terry Beckner Jr.