Stull tells Tigers hes staying put

For at least the second time since he committed, Internet rumors have run rampant over the last few days that Rock Bridge defensive end John Stull is wavering on his Missouri commitment. After taking his official visit to Mizzou over the weekend, Stull emphatically put those rumors to rest.
"That's out there," said the three-star prospect. "A lot of people ask me what other what other schools are looking at me. I tell them and they automatically start making up rumors and assuming things. Especially after this visit, I never a had a doubt, but especially after the visit, there's no doubt in my mind I want to be a Tiger."
One of the things that Stull really enjoyed about his official visit was the player panel that all recruits had a chance to talk with.
"We got to witness and see how the guys interact with each other and get an idea how the camaraderie of the team really is," Stull said. "Chase Daniel and [db]Brock Christopher and also Brian Smith and Brandon Coleman, just a couple of other players were on it. It gives us a chance to get some questions answered that were still in our minds not necessarily things coaches could have answered. It helped us get a good view how things are behind closed doors in the program."
The Tigers will plug Stull in at defensive end next year and have told him he already has "prototypical size" and a good motor. He plans, much like Chase Patton and Van Alexander did, to get a head start on his college preparation after signing day.
"I can't wait to get started after the visit and seeing how cool guys are," Stull said. "Being a recruit and being new to everything, you feel a little scared at the beginning. You want to see if other guys shun you, treat you like you're new. I don't think that's gonna be the case. I just can't wait to get started."
The Tiger coaches have actually already had a pretty big influence on Stull even before he signs. The senior was going to skip basketball to concentrate on getting in football shape, but he's now seven games into the season with the Bruins.
"All the coaches really encouraged me at Mizzou to play help keep me in shape," Stull said. "It goes to the same old thing if I quit how easy is it going to be to quit in other things in life? We're doing pretty good. We're 6-1, lost to the No. 2 team in the state, lost by two and we should be No. 3 in the rankings. We've got a pretty good thing going here at Rock Bridge."
Put the rumors to rest, the Tigers have a pretty good thing headed their way next fall.