Summer Sessions: John Underwood

Last week, started our Summer Sessions with the Tiger basketball team. Today, we finish up with John Underwood. Last year, you told me you needed to add weight. You happy with the progress you've made, getting up over 225?
John Underwood: "Oh yeah. I've put on a lot of weight since then."
PM: Other than just sitting down and eating more, how do you add that much weight?
JU: "You know, just eat protein, protein bars, shakes and eat the right kind of food."
PM: You feel like you're in a better position to play and see minutes than you were last year?
JU: "Yeah. It's all going to work out. I'm just going to work hard every day. That's what I'm doing."
PM: Everybody at this level is used to being the star. Was last year tough for you?
JU: "Yeah. Every year's gonna be a challenge because it's always different players that play the same position as you. I'm just gonna keep working hard every day. That's all you can do."
PM: Expectations are pretty high. Is the team excited to get everybody here and get going?
JU: "Oh yeah. It's really exciting to get everybody here and get it going, start practicing and just move forward."
PM: Where do you think you've made the most improvement on the court?
JU: "I'd have to say probably just getting my mid-range down a little bit more than last year. That's the biggest thing."
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