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Top Targets at the Dome

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Saturday night at the Edward Jones Dome, the Missouri Tigers defeated the Illinois Fighting Illini 52-42. In the stands were several Tiger targets and commits. got their thoughts on the game from the stands.
Ronnie Wingo: "It was a really great way to start the season. I couldn't believe they scored 52 points. I loved the way they ran the ball. I talked a little with Sheldon and Darris [Ford]. We had fun hanging out and watching the game together."
Sheldon Richardson: "It was just great. The atmosphere was crazy, the fans were great, it was just crazy. One of my coaches was really talking up the Illini going into the game. I told him Missouri was going to win and now he won't return my calls. It was great talking with the other guys. Everyone has a friendly and family relationship. It was good to see everybody here and find out about their seasons. We're a close bunch of guys."
Jack Meiners: "It was great in the Dome. I met a lot of the guys that I hadn't met in person before. I was a little nervous during the game, but then Spoon [Sean Weatherspoon] took over."
Justin Britt: "Being inside the Dome for the game was a neat experience. The fans can be nuts. I'm ready to be on that field wearing black and gold. The score was a lot closer than it really was. I really enjoyed talking with Alex Sanders, TJ Moe, Jack Meiners, and Andrew Wilson."
Bryant Allen: "It was crazy. It was so live in there. It started getting pretty intense because Illinois started to come back on Missouri. I really liked talkin with TJ, Sheldon, and Ronnie."
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