2011 Tiger recruiting mailbag

Every other Thursday, staff writer Pete Scantlebury will answer questions from subscribers in our Recruiting Mailbag. This feature will allow for longer, more in-depth answers than you may get on the message board on a daily basis. To have your question in next week's mailbag, send an email to Pete at On to this week's inquiries:
mizzouboy714 asks: I know it's a little early but its been reported that Dorial Green is basically choosing between OU and Mizzou, so would you say our chance of landing him is 50%? Would he be leaning one way or the other? Are there other teams involved?
PS: I think that's been message board speculation, but no one has reported that Green is deciding between OU and Missouri. I've heard those are his favorites at this point -- but it's still very, very early. He's going to have offers from every major program across the nation. He already has an offer from USC, and I can guarantee Green will give USC a look.
Missouri's chances are not 50%. Right now, we don't know what the Tigers' chances are. Green is only a sophomore. We'll know more once those official offers roll in during September. Anybody that says Green is a lock to a team is just guessing.
mufootball1 asks: Is there any way that Mizzou does not offer Darrian Miller? I really find it hard to believe that they would let this kid pass through their hands without an offer. If Mizzou does offer, do you think that makes Kody Walker less likely to commit to Mizzou?
PS: There is plenty of consternation about a lack of an offer for Miller, especially after he was ranked at 77 in the Rivals100. Like many Missouri fans, I'm unsure about why the Tigers haven't offered -- Miller has impressed at every camp he's attended, and his numbers in Missouri's top high school classification don't lie.
My only theory as to why Miller doesn't have an offer is that there are a handful of running backs on the roster already who are very, very similar to Miller. De'Vion Moore and Kendial Lawrence have similar size and attributes, as do Marcus Murphy and Henry Josey, who will be here this summer. Maybe the coaches want to add more diversity in the backfield, hence the interest in prospects like Walker and Rodney Coe.
That being said, Miller could very well get an offer at the Kansas City camp on Tuesday. If that does happen, it could be first come, first serve between Walker and Miller. We'll know more next week.
walks45 asks: Are there any recruits in particular that you think Mizzou will hold an offer out regardless of who commits? Also, what position is the staff looking at Christian French for and have you spoken with him recently about his interest in Mizzou?
PS: The only two in-state prospects who Missouri may hold an offer for are Dan Tapko and Kody Walker. Walker is probably the more likely of the two. If Miller doesn't get an offer after the KC camp, then Walker will definitely have an offer held for him. Missouri usually doesn't hold offers for out-of-state guys.
French is being recruited as a tight end, according to the big athlete himself. That could change, but his athleticism and size is Coffman-esque. I haven't spoken to him recently, but I know he has a good amount of interest in Missouri.
mizzou606 asks: After one camp, who are some dark horses that might get an offer?
PS: I'd say that no one from the Springfield camp will get an offer, although Dylan Laurens, LaQuan McGowan, Kyle Osborne and Garrett Stafford are receiving plenty of interest. There are just a lot of linemen with offers left on the board, and Missouri is in good position with a few of them.
The Kansas City camp is the one where we might see the most offers go out. Miller and Bernard Thomas are the two most likely, and Staley linebacker Videl Nelson is my sleeper of the summer.
wkc1965 asks: When do JUCO's (Sheldon Richardson get star rankings? How many does he get? Most likely other DT the Tigers land in your opinion? This class is full by ________?
PS: I'm not sure of the exact date JUCOs get ranked. I imagine its closer to the end of the summer, and might not be till September. I don't see any reason, however, that Richardson won't get five stars again. He had an incredible freshman year in California.
It's too early to tell with the other DTs, considering a few new offers have just gone out. We'll have to see who visits before we know their real interest.
This class is full by the end of September. That gives Missouri enough time to sneak in a few official visits from some of the top uncommitted guys.
SarcastroMU asks: I am curious if you have any insight into why Wesley Leftwich went from being on the 250 watch list to not being a four star. Did he do anything to negatively affect his status with the Rivals people that do the player rankings?
PS: Leftwich has impressed at every camp. There's no denying that. However -- through no fault of his own -- he hasn't produced on the field yet. He touched the ball less than 30 times all of last year. A big senior year will surely bump Leftwich up in the rankings.
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