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2018 Tiger Mailbag: 28th Edition

Every week, PowerMizzou.com publisher Gabe DeArmond answers questions from Tiger fans in the mailbag. This format allows for a more expansive answer than a message board post. Keep your eye out each week to submit your question for the mailbag or send them to powermizzou@gmail.com. On to this week's inquiries.

KWMizzou asks: A week ago or so, you tweeted that the process has never been more broken. Do you think the main factor is social media? Do you think there are any real tangible fixes that can be implemented to repair the process?

GD: Social media is a big part of it. I think more and more kids are falling in love with being recruited, rather than using the recruiting place to find the right school for them. But the pressure on coaches is a big part of it too. They're offering 300 kids, most of them who they wouldn't take. They're recruiting over kids all the time. Because everybody's on the hot seat and so they're trying to get the most talent they can get. I don't know if there's a fix. I'm pretty sure there's not an easy fix. But football recruiting is worse than it's ever been.

Snively21 asks: What would be worse right now? Getting a sledgehammer to the nuts or being forced to watch the Royals play every game the rest of the season?

GD: The sledgehammer. Always the sledgehammer.

mufootball1 asks:  One month from today, that would be August 9th. Mizzou has how many reservations and who are they? If you don’t want to go out on a limb and give names, how about a breakdown by Rivals Ratings?

Charles Njoku
Nick Lucero/Rivals.com

GD: I think they'll have at least five more than they currently have. I think Martez Manuel will be one, Charles Njoku will be another and we'll wait and see on the others. I think there's a chance at Marcus Washington, Ira Henry and maybe even Shammond Cooper. But I'm not as sure on those as the first two.

Comibo84 asks: Mizzou has recruited the state of Michigan pretty hard it seems since Ofodile joined the staff and had three commits from my count the last two years in Ulmer, Borom and Foster. They have also been in on quite a few high quality prospects from there late in the process who eventually landed somewhere else.In your opinion is Michigan a state they should continue to hit hard or do you see the chance of pulling a quality prospect out of B1G country pretty hard and maybe not worth the effort?

GD: I think Michigan's a good place for Mizzou to recruit, but they have to do so reasonably. Going up against Michigan and Michigan State on a regular basis isn't a recipe for success long-term. You've got to identify that next level of kid who wants a chance to play in the SEC. And I think Missouri can do well in that regard, but don't expect a bunch of four-stars out of there to come down here. So basically the same recipe Missouri used in Texas and Oklahoma for years.

Graphic Edge Guy asks: 1) Is Khalil Oliver (Senior Safety transfer from Oregon) in CoMo and working out with the team? I have heard that Alex Ofodile is in town and working out with the team...but I haven't heard a thing about Oliver?2) Hearing anything at all about Kaleb Prewitt?3) Are you hearing anything at all about Garrick McGee and how he might help with the team? (link: https://www.seccountry.com/missouri/former-arkansas-oc-garrick-mcgee-derek-dooley-offensive-staff )4) Any chance you could get interviews with McGee and his thoughts on his role? And the same thing for (non full time staff) QB guru Austyn Carta-Samuels?5) Can you share any rumors you may be hearing about how the team is progressing since Spring ball and what you may be hearing about the general mood and level of excitement/expectation amongst the Players and Coaches?

GD: 1) Oliver is on campus.

2) Last time I asked (a week or two ago) nothing had changed. He is still indefinitely suspended. I get the feeling this isn't a decision that lands on the football coach's desk.

3/4) I haven't heard much about McGee really. We may talk to him if we have a chance in fall camp. But he's an offensive analyst. He'll work with guys plenty in practice, but not much on game day I think. Carta-Samuels is probably a little more hands on because he has a specific position and he's familiar with the guys on the roster. But I think calling him a guru is probably a little premature at this point.

5) Honestly, I haven't heard a ton. They like the new guys, Lock is a leader, Rountree and Crockett are going to be good. But even the coaches can't be around the guys a whole lot right now and this is the time of year that I'm not trying to bug people every day. We'll all learn things soon enough.

jdw985 asks: Any guesses on which true freshmen will play this year and which ones will redshirt?

Jatorian Hansford
Chad Simmons

GD: I know at least a couple of receivers will play (although with Alex Ofodile and maybe Harry Ballard in the mix, maybe they don't need two true freshmen). Here are my guesses for guys that see the field:

Messiah Swinson, Jatorian Hansford, Trajan Jeffcoat, Chad Bailey, Jarvis Ware, Chris Mills, Dominic Gicinto, Khmari Thompson. Definite possibility on Tyrone Collins and Cameron Wilkins. And remember, they can play four games and still redshirt, so you might see quite a few guys get a look early and then not play the last two-thirds of the season.

jjspkd asks:  I am having a day that just makes me want to hit someone so with that in mind...If you could punch anyone in the world in the mouth with no negative consequences for yourself, who would it be?Say you get in a brawl with the IL Rivals staff but each staff gets one ringer, an athlete from the school they cover. Who you got?If you were offered significantly more money, let’s say a 50% raise would you go cover ku for whatever their rivals site calls themselves?Lastly a type of question you probably intended to get when you started this feature. How much do you expect the offense the offense to change under Dooley this year? If there is a significant change are there any recruits you can see decommiting because of the style of play or maybe consider Mizzou when they would not have before?Thanks

GD: Gotta be honest. Not the line of questioning I anticipated. I honestly can't think of anyone I really want to punch. Can I retroactively go back and punch Lin Elliott? Or, you know what? I still want to punch John Elway. He ruined so many days for me as a kid.

I don't know why I'm brawling with the Illinois Rivals staff, but if I get a current athlete, I'll take Terry Beckner Jr. But I thought about Jordan Geist and Sophie Cunningham because I think they'd fight dirty. If it is any athlete I've covered, give me Alex Oriakhi. I bet that dude could mess some guys up.

50% raise? I'd think long and hard about it. But I probably wouldn't do it because that site would lose so many subscribers when they found out I was working there that the raise would go away real fast.

As far as the offense, they're going to slow down and they're going to look more traditional. Kind of an SEC style of offense as opposed to the Big 12 offense they ran the last couple years. Basically, things that the NFL wants to see Drew Lock doing. More short passes, more controlled tempo. Maybe a little bit more traditional play action. AND THEY MIGHT EVEN LINE UP UNDER CENTER SOMETIMES.

rmotigers asks: Is there any drink out there to help ease the pain of watching a Royals game right now?

GD: Bleach?

Rusty Student asks: Who’s the better catcher, Salvy or Yadi?

GD: Right now, Molina. He's done it twice as long. Perez has more power (nearly as many homers in half the time and a better slugging percentage). Sal is good defensively, but Yadi was an absolute force. I think in his prime he was a better defensive catcher. And I just don't see Sal being able to hold up to catch for 15 years.

mexicojoe asks: If you were taking a family vacation where would you go?If you were just taking a vacation w/o the kids where would you go?

GD: We've been on quite a few, but the next one we'll either do the Grand Canyon/spring training or the Pacific Northwest. Without the kids, I want to take an Alaskan cruise (but have to get a lot of Dramamine for my wife).

ABaumli asks: When you were young and played Oregon Trail, which occupation did you choose? Farmer, Carpenter, or Banker? Why?Follow up, did you Ford the river or try to load the wagon and float?

GD: It's been so long since I played that I forgot there were occupations. I thought you just got in a wagon and went. That game was the GOAT though. I feel like they tried to remake it a few years ago. I say screw that bastardized game. Give me the old Apple IIC version. I loved that game. Mostly to hunt and to laugh when my dudes died of dysentery and cholera.

imnoinsider asks: Favorite Mizzou football and basketball uniforms of all time?

GD: The real answer is I don't care. But I'll go with these.


sbstlmo asks: Favorite Food Network show? Favorite Taco Bell (2018 Mexican Restaurant of the Year) menu item?

GD: Iron Chef (the real one, not this stupid American one) got me watching food network. That was my all time favorite. I currently like Chopped. Beat Bobby Flay isn't terrible. I like Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives for the food, but I have to watch it on mute because Guy Fieri is terrible.

I cannot remember the last time I ate at Taco Bell. If they still have the Mexican Pizza, I like that. Seven-layer burrito is good drive through drunk 2 a.m. food.

CamKCMIZ asks:  Who do you feel is sitting in a better situation with their 2019 priority targets, Barry or Cuonzo?

GD: As of today? Odom. Because I can name two or three I think they're going to get. I think Cuonzo will get some guys, but I have a harder time saying for sure who I think they'll be. But there's a long way till signing day in both sports.

jrl3m8 asks: Do you think Mizzou (and the SEC) will ever allow the sale of beer to the general public at football or basketball games?

GD: Ever? Yeah. Just because never is a long time. I'm gonna be the old man and say I'm not really in favor of it. People act like idiots when they get drunk at games. But eventually they won't be able to say no to the money.

MIZDPT15 asks: Mizzou is often "in the mix" for some pretty great talent for both football and basketball. 1) Do you recall a recruit(s) Mizzou signed that you thought to yourself "wow, the staff really pulled that one off." DGB would come to many's minds, but you were confident Mizzou would get him. 2) who are some of the big-time recruits Mizzou definitely had a chance with, but for some reason or another (e.g. Otto Porter) Mizzou missed big on?

GD: 1: DGB. And Sheldon. But mostly DGB. Nobody else jumps out the top off my head.

2) That's a list too long. There are tons of them. Especially in basketball. The ones that hurt the most are Adrian Clayborn, Ezekiel Elliott and the entire Otto Porter class.

cotton14 asks: Any football players who haven't made it to campus or are not expected to make it?

GD: As we had posted at the beginning of the summer, it's touch and go with Danny Gray and we aren't sure he's going to make it. Other than that, so far as I know, everyone is in good shape and/or already here.