PowerMizzou - 2020 Macadoodle's Mailbag: 40th Edition
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2020 Macadoodle's Mailbag: 40th Edition

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Every week, PowerMizzou.com publisher Gabe DeArmond answers questions from Tiger fans in the mailbag. This format allows for a more expansive answer than a message board post. Keep your eye out each week to submit your question for the mailbag or send them to powermizzou@gmail.com. On to this week's inquiries.

tigerinop asks: Why don't you respect Coach Eli Drinkwitz? It's very clear that you don't respect him because you call him Eli and not his job title for which he was never an authority figure above you. While we are at it, how did you get to school? Because back in my day, I had to walk uphill in the snow both ways and had to address each snowflake with appropriate titles of respect!

GD: Just so everyone is clear that this question and answer are tongue in cheek, there is some background here on our message board. But given that it was one of the more lively (and incredibly bizarre) discussions in recent Tigers' Lair history and that the question did make me giggle, I wanted to answer it.

Alternative ways for the media to address Missouri's football coach: Mr. Coach Eli Sir, Benevolent Answerer of my Terrible Questions, Sir Drinks-A-Lot, Master and Overlord of the Mizzou Media Serfdom, Big E, Football Guy.

I am willing to listen to other suggestions. It's early. Some of those may have been better than others.

wehrli_22 asks: Are there any possibilities or contingencies that allow for postponement and rescheduling any SEC games? Thinking about Covid wiping out a team's position group for two weeks ... to play such a game would be as important to the healthy team as it would be for the 'affected' one.

GD: Yeah, this is the major reason the SEC went with conference only games and left two bye weeks during the season for each team. It gives them the flexibility to move games around if necessary. Missouri and Alabama, for example, both have the same bye week. So if something were to happen to cancel this weekend's game, you could move it to week seven. Every team in the league has a bye before the SEC title game. It's basically an extra week built into the end of the season to account for the possibility that you might need to move some games. At this point in time, you have to admit, the way the SEC has structured things and reacted to news all along the way has been the best in the sport.

mexicojoe asks: What is your take on the outcome of the Miss State vs LSU game? Obviously the "Pirate" did not have a full off season to implement his O. Is LSU destined for a season of let downs or is Miss State the surprise of the league?

GD: I have two takeaways. As far as the football goes, if you didn't see LSU taking a major step back and being one of the more overrated teams in the pre-season, well, that's on you. They lost EVERYTHING. LSU might be recession proof in that it isn't going to be terrible and this isn't going to be an extended thing. But it is not immune to taking a step back. And a step back was coming. Also, if you thought Mike Leach suddenly wasn't going to throw the ball all over the field and put up some points, that's on you. He's done it everywhere. There are some who still want to believe the SEC is a ground and pound line up and ram it down your throat league that features a lot of 9-7 football games, but it isn't. Everyone is running spread offenses and putting up more points. Alabama was the sport's most prolific passing offense last year (maybe not by yardage, but it was the best). I fully expected Mississippi State to cover the 17 point spread and make a game of it. I did not expect the Bulldogs to win.

My second takeaway (and this is in no way a political take or a statement on wearing masks) is that if you ask Mike Leach about wearing a mask, you kind of deserve whatever you get in return and this was pretty funny.

tedmo30 asks: Why is your twitter gone?


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