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2020 Macadoodle's Mailbag: 47th Edition

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Every week, publisher Gabe DeArmond answers questions from Tiger fans in the mailbag. This format allows for a more expansive answer than a message board post. Keep your eye out each week to submit your question for the mailbag or send them to On to this week's inquiries.

mexicojoe asks: Hugh Freeze coaches in the SEC when???Will Harbaugh be coaching at Mich next year?

GD:Welcome to this week's edition of "predict the future on things you don't have any idea about or insight on...." err, I mean, the mailbag.

I don't think Freeze is going to be in the SEC next year. I could be wrong. I know multiple SEC teams were interested in bringing him in as an OC in the last few years and that idea was frowned upon greatly by the league. I don't know that they can outright forbid it, but they can make it clear they don't like it. I'm not sure we've reached the statute of limitations on that. I don't think Hugh Freeze will be at Liberty next year, but I don't think he'll be in the SEC.

With Harbaugh, if the next few games go at all like the first few have, I don't see how he stays. From national reporting, I've learned that Harbaugh isn't actually even under contract beyond next season. It would cost Michigan $10 to get rid of him. There was a time I thought coaching changes weren't going to really happen this year because everyone is crying poor and wouldn't spend the money. Then South Carolina paid Will Muschamp $13 million to go away and Wichita State gave Gregg Marshall almost $8 million to "'resign" and now I don't know what I think. If Harbaugh can get things turned around, he might get that next year. But the problem is, it's his last year and you almost have to extend him. Not sure how you could justify an extension at this point. Long way of saying I assume he'll be gone after this year.

KWMizzou asks: What would you set the O/U at for Mizzou basketball games being played this season due to Covid cancellations?

GD: I've been pretty clear in saying basketball is going to be harder to complete than football. In hoops, one positive test is probably going to make it so that your team can't play. The best hope at this point is that all of your players have had it in the last few weeks and you can get through the season because of that. Most teams won't. If one player tests positive, your whole team is probably out for two to three weeks (14 days of quarantine plus a four day reacclimation period). So I guess with a 26 game schedule I'll say you teams lose an average of six games on their own. Then there are going to be a couple games where you can't play because of the opponent at least. Let's set the over/under during the regular season at 17.5.

mizzoucobra asks: Coming into last week it was reported that ~85% of scheduled (well, as of the schedule that stood on game 1) D-I football games that were scheduled were played uninterrupted.This past week, easily the worst of the year, 34 of 50 games were played as planned (68%).I haven't followed it super close, but I'm unaware of any reports of D-I players suffering severe adverse reactions to Covid since the season started. Granted, not everyone is privy to that news and I may have missed it.Knowing those things1. Taking it back to August, would this season as a whole, thus far, be considered a "success" in light of the circumstances?2. Going forward, what would cause you to change that conclusion?


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