Missouri fans have been a bit, let's say, disenfranchised about the state of in-state recruiting in 2018. PowerMizzou.com went back and looked at the history of Missouri misses in the state.

We looked at each class from 2002 (the beginning of the Rivals.com database) through 2015 (classes more recent than that can't yet really be analyzed). In each year, we will list the players who had offers from Missouri listed (with a few exceptions based on our knowledge of the situation over the years) and then list the players Missouri got at that position in that class.

We'll take a look at the "freak out level" (our recollection of how upset fans were about the misses) and analyze how Missouri ended up by signing who it did versus signing the in-state players in each class.

This is not a perfect exercise. It's not possible to say "Player X was the replacement for Player Y" without the coaching staff directly telling us that. But it's a guideline to look at who Mizzou missed on, who it got and how the two compare.