Camp Preview: Special Teams

Sstk6uqaqqjfqfch2ccy will get Tiger fans ready for fall camp like no one else. Camp opens on Thursday, August 4th. Between now and then, we will provide an in-depth preview at every position on the roster. Today, we wrap up our position previews with a look at the special teams.
The Starters
Grant Ressel will kick. Trey Barrow should punt. Beau Brinkley will snap and Brandon Gerau will hold. Marcus Murphy enters camp as the starter on kickoff returns, and could handle punts as well. T.J. Moe and Kip Edwards could factor in here as well.
The Backups
There shouldn't be much reason to need a backup kicker, punter or holder. Behind Brinkley, Terry Dennis is the snapper. On returns, it's really a guessing game at this point with guys like Jimmie Hunt, Tristen Holt and Henry Josey likely to get camp looks as well.
What to Like
Ressel is as rock solid as they come in the kicking game and Barrow did well as a punter. The snapper and holder are experienced and shouldn't be an issue.
What to Wonder About
The return games are really the only question. Who emerges? Murphy is fast, but the Tigers weren't all that good returning kickoffs last season. In addition, how is the coverage? Kickoff coverage has been a question mark for the last couple of seasons.
The Expectations
Barrow is solid and Ressel spectacular. The key is how Missouri does in coverage and returns. And those aren't questions that will get camp answers. You have to be in live game situations to find out how those spots will perform.
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