Coachs Corner: Andy Hill

Over the course of fall camp, is talking to Tiger assistant coaches to get the inside scoop on each position. Today, we finish up with our chat with quarterbacks coach Andy Hill. Has it been a transition at all for you coaching a new position this fall?
Andy Hill: "No, I mean, it was a little different in the spring. Really, this fall, you're back to doing your stuff and you're talking to your guys and doing your deal. It's really not much change from the spring to the fall. You have 15 practices to figure it out. The first couple practices were different in the spring, but coming out here is good. The quarterbacks are great to work with and if I've got a question about anything we need to do, they know what we're doing and it's been really easy." Where is James Franklin at compared to where he was a year ago at this time?
Hill: "You know, without really being dialed into exactly what he was doing (last year), right now, I think he's really focused. He's sharp, he's into it. I think last year at this time, he was still kind of nursing some things. Health wise, I think it gives him a lot more confidence." You guys already knew it, but we found out last year the importance of having two guys. Are you comfortable Maty Mauk could come in and do the job if that situation comes up?
Hill: "Yeah. Obviously, there's stuff, the young guys all have a lot to learn. But Maty's done a nice job. We think he has a good grasp of the offense and we feel comfortable where he's at." Corbin Berkstresser had some growing pains being thrown into the fire last year. How has his progress been?
Hill: "I think last year at times he kind of had a, just looking for what was going to happen. This year, he's got a good feel for how to read defenses and I just feel like he's much more confident, certainly he knows the plays a lot better too." We saw one scrimmage where Eddie Printz only had one incompletion, so of course we were impressed with our limited sample. But is that indicative of what he's been doing on a daily basis?
Hill: "Yeah. He's real sharp every day. He's a guy that has got an immense amount of talent having run this offense in high school. He's a natural thrower. He's got a good feel for what we're trying to do. He's got a good presence and we're real impressed with what he's doing." You have five guys, four of them within a couple of years eligibility wise. Is it just sort it all out and good to have that many for now?
Hill: "Absolutely. Competition's good and the best guys will play."
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