Coffman still slowed at combine

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For the second straight year, a Missouri tight end will be selected in the NFL Draft. Perhaps no Tiger prospect has speculation and projections as varied as Chase Coffman. Coffman talked with PowerMizzou.com from Indianapolis as he prepares to go to work at the NFL Combine.
PowerMizzou.com: First and foremost, how is your health and will you be limited at the combine this week?

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Chase Coffman: "My foot is coming along fine. I'm still not able to test in the drills so I won't be doing much at the combine. I'm planning on doing everything at the march 19th pro day at MU."
PM.com: Is that something that worries you or do you feel confident you'll do plenty at pro day to make teams take notice?
CC: "It's hard to sit back and watch everyone else doing stuff while I'm not able to, but I try not to worry too much and just get better at what I am able to do. I believe that if a team wants me they will be able to see enough out of the pro day and previous film."
PM.com: Where have you been working out since the end of the season and what's a typical day like for you?
CC: "I have been at API in Tempe, AZ working out and rehabbing. Usually I will wake up around 7, get dressed go up to the facilities and order breakfast. Eat and hang out for a little bit. At 8, I start treatment/rehabilitation doing different things to strengthen and get the range of motion back in my foot and ankle. At 9, I start lifting with my group, and depending on if its an upper or lower body lift I either do it all or an adjusted lift. After working out we pick up our nutrition shakes and sit in the cold tub. We get about 2 to 3 hours off for lunch and to relax before coming back to lift at 2:30. The afternoon lift is a bit shorter and after that is over I go back to getting treatment/rehab. I am usually done around 4:30. The rest of the night I eat dinner and hang out. Go to a movie, play video games, or hang out with some of the other guys."
PM.com: How much feedback are you already getting from teams and can you get any sort of a handle on which teams might be really serious about taking you?
CC: "Not too much stuff yet. I've sat down with quite a few teams tonight and talked with the scouts and coaches, but tomorrow and the next day is when most of the formal interviews are with GMs and head coaches I think. I'm not really sure who is really serious about wanting to draft me yet."
PM.com: I know teams seemed to have questions about Rucker's blocking ability last year at this time because of the offense. Is that something you're having to battle too?
CC: "Well all the coaches want to know. They see that I get in there and block with good form in the open field and they say that I should fit right in and I should be fine. I just am looking forward to learning more about blocking on the line and the stuff I haven't done with our offense at MU."
PM.com: What's the biggest area of improvement you personally think you need to make before starting your NFL career?
CC: "Well going back to the last question, I think I just need to improve my inline blocking."
PM.com: Finally, describe this whole process to me. Is it fun? Nerve-wracking? How would you sum it up?
CC: "Well it's very exciting, but I just want to be healthy right now. It is tough to sit back and watch everyone else do the stuff I can't at the moment. I also just want to find out where I'll be going."
PowerMizzou.com will continue to preview the Tiger prospects at the combine. Tomorrow, we chat with defensive tackle Ziggy Hood.
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