Deaton offers details after Big 12 meeting

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University of Missouri Chancellor Brady Deaton spent most of the day Monday in Dallas at a regularly scheduled meeting of the Big 12 Board of Directors. However, during an interview on KFRU 1400AM in Columbia on Tuesday morning, Deaton revealed a good deal of his time in Dallas was not spent in the meeting.
"I abstained from voting under advice of legal counsel," Deaton told David Lyle. The Chancellor went on to say he spent "the last several hours" outside the meeting, while his colleagues discussed the future of the Big 12, with or without Mizzou.
All ten schools, plus TCU, participated in the meeting, though Deaton said fog in Dallas that caused airport delays prevented some from being there in person. Texas A&M President R. Bowen Loftin participated on the phone.
Many had expected Missouri to offer a conditional withdrawal at the meeting. That did not occur.
"These are not decisions that can just be made at the press of a button. We are not delaying anything beyond what has to be delayed to make the right decision for the University of Missouri and we're absolutely committed to that," Deaton said. "We feel a great urgency to clarify (things) as quickly as possible. It's hard to put a timeframe on it. Our hopes were days, possibly a week or two. The sooner, the better."
Deaton said he had already been on the phone with various people involved in the process this morning. He said he hoped to have resolution on some issues by the end of the day.
"Over the last two or three weeks, we've reached a firmness of where we're headed, where we want to focus our attention," Deaton said. "Our head has to outweigh our heart in achieving some of our objectives because our heart might not lead us in the right direction for the University of Missouri."
All signs indicate that direction will be Southeast. As for when? Stay tuned..
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