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Edwards talks about his decision

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Arlington (TX) Bowie CB Kip Edwards loved Missouri when he got on the plane Friday to head towards Columbia. Upon returning home, Edwards was the newest member of the Missouri Tigers' class of 2008. He said the got the last green light this weekend on his visit.
"I think the one thing I was wanted was my mom's blessing to go to Missouri,' said Edwards. "I always knew that I wanted to go to Missouri, but once Mom fell in love with Missouri, she told me that she wanted me here. When I knew that's what she wanted, I committed."
Edwards said that when he told the coaches that he decided to commit, he felt very well received by the people in charge of the Missouri program.
"Coach Steckel started yelling and was really excited that I committed," said Edwards. "Coach Ford and Coach Pinkel were both really excited and told me welcome to the family. Really, the coaches and I talked about when I wanted to come up for school and how I'm going to fit into the team next year. We also talked about coming back for the A&M game."
Edwards was in Columbia this past June on an unofficial visit, so he admitted there wasn't much that he hadn't seen. He did say that he was continually impressed with the new things he got a chance to see over the weekend.
"The visit was great," said Edwards. "I really enjoyed myself up in Columbia. The campus was very beautiful and really unique. What I got to see that I hadn't seen yet was how everyone interacted with each other. I was hoping to see it while I was up there, and I liked how everyone treated each other."
Things got an early start for Edwards even before the game. He said that he could feel his own excitement building before the game ever started as the team arrived at the stadium. The excitement, Edwards added, stayed all through the 42-28 victory over Iowa State.
"You know, as soon as I heard about Tiger Walk, I saw myself being a part of the whole experience," said Edwards. "It was awesome to see how much the team was wanted and I can't wait to be a part of it in the near future. The game was good. The offense was good, but the defense wasn't like it had been the past few weeks. The effort was there, it just wasn't as exciting. Iowa State didn't really do anything except hold the ball most of the game and they lost by 14, so it doesn't really matter how long you hold the ball. The atmosphere seemed great. The crowd was in it, the players were in the game, and I was proud to be a part of it. It was a great feeling to be inside the stadium."
During the game, Edwards got to talk with some of his new future teammates and said that they were very excited to have him as a fellow Tiger. He added that he talked a little with two players that weren't Tigers, but Edwards hoped to chance their minds if he could.
"I talked quite a bit with Andrew Jones and Aldon Smith," said Edwards. " They were very excited that I committed. I told them that I had to let my mom see it before I committed and they were all fired up to have me as a Tiger. I talked with Blaine Gabbert some during the game. When I talked to him, he had de-committed from Nebraska and seemed to be having a good time in Columbia. I guess now I've got to get people to join me here. I also talked some with Bryce Givens who was there from Colorado. I know he's a big time guy. I got Bryce's number. I'm going to work on him and try to get him here. I told him Missouri's a program on the rise and it's where it's at. I also told him that the o-line is tremendous and he should hop on the wagon as well as a Missouri tiger with Andrew, Aldon, and I."
While in town, Edwards was hosted by Missouri LB Sean Weatherspoon. The two had a good time hanging out with other Tiger defenders and Edwards admitted he even enjoyed the time with the Missouri coaches.
"They took us out to eat and we spent a lot of time with the coaches," said Edwards. "I got to hang out with Sean most of the weekend. Sean and Marquis Booker were my hosts. We hung out a lot with Gilbert Moye over the weekend too. They're all really cool guys and we had a good time."
Edwards said he loved everything he saw on the visit, but his favorite part may have been something that took place before the game. He said he may have enjoyed his first opportunity to feel like part of the team more than anything else he did this past weekend.
"My favorite part was when we got to the hotel the night before and were breaking down film," said Edwards. "They were having fun doing it and I love trying to figure out an opponent before we play them. It kept the attention of the team and I had a blast being a part of it."
Edwards said it was a relief to get his decision out of the way and be able to focus on preparing for the next level. Edwards added that his only focus now was ending up in the Black and Gold. He also said that he thinks it may be sooner rather than later.
"I don't know how more solid I could be," said Edwards. "I'm not changing my mind, I'm not decommiting, I'm a Missouri tiger and I couldn't be happier about it. I'd like to come up in January and start learning the defense as soon as I can. I'm still on track to graduate early and I want to talk it over with my mom. She's telling me everything I might miss, but I'd like to get up to Columbia and start working on my degree and work towards an opportunity to play next year."
This is just a sample of the type of coverage you will get every day during the Tiger season. Click here to start your free PowerMizzou.com trial