Farmer still putting in work

It is rare to see a prospect with offers from schools like Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, and Minnesota decide to attend college team camps as a renegade, a player that attends a team camp on his own and is usually thrown on a team with strangers.
It is also rare to see that same prospect make a 300 mile round trip to a perspective school just to check out the campus and look at the town. No talking with coaches or taking tours of the facilities.
There are good reasons for 2014 Highland (IL) offensive lineman Tanner Farmer deciding to do both, though. Farmer's father was a college football player at Ole Miss and he is making sure that his son gets to his college of choice the right way.
"I worked out at the camp because I kind of wanted to meet the coaches and see how I connected with them. To see if I liked how they coached. I'm also sure they wanted to see how coachable I was and how well I could play in person," the 6-foot-4, 300 pound prospect explained. "I had fun with the camp and I thought I did very well."
So how did Farmer feel like he connected with the coaches?
"Very well. The coaches are great," he answered.
Similarly, the unscheduled visit to Columbia, to just check out the town, along with this most recent visit to tour the facilities and participate in the camp were a part of Farmer's plan for deciding on a school.
"I have a grade sheet that shows all the things that are important to me," said the three star prospect. "One of the most important things to me is how well I can connect with the coaches. The campus is important, the football team themselves, the facilities, their pre-med program, and student support are some other factors that are important to me and I grade those out for every school."
So what kind of grade did Mizzou get?
"It was a really great visit. I had a lot of fun and loved the campus. I think it's a great place," Farmer said. "Mizzou's campus is by far the best I've seen. It's a beautiful place and its very well set up. It looks like a place you just want to be. Mizzou graded out well."
Prior to his Mizzou trip Farmer had already visited Illinois, Iowa St., Northern Illinois, Western Michigan, and SIU - Carbondale. He also has plans to travel to several more schools before making a decision by the beginning of July.
"I'm visiting Nebraska, Minnesota, Northern Illinois, Michigan St., Northwestern, and Western Michigan, he said. "A few of them will be where I go and I play and a few will be where I just go hang out with the coaches and visit." will continue to monitor Farmer's recruitment as his decision moves closer.
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