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Film Room: Charles Njoku


Matt Hamilton is a former college graduate assistant and currently works for the NFL Network.  Throughout the year, he breaks down the film of Tiger commitments for PowerMizzou.com.  Here is Hamilton's analysis of 2019 tight end/wide receiver Charles Njoku.

Njoku has the unique combo of size and athleticism that will allow him to play tight end or receiver at the next level. Lined up primarily on the outside as a wide receiver during his junior year of high school.

He's 6'5 and has an even longer wingspan than is typical for that size, making his catch radius pretty much infinite. He has very good straight line speed and is ridiculously agile given his frame. Can break ankles and will break some explosive plays as well.

I'd like to see him run through contact a little more aggressively and use his size to his advantage a bit more. Can high point the ball a bit more and go get the ball instead of waiting for it to come to him.

Overall, though, if he continues to add bulk and learn how to maximize the use of his frame, he can be an absolute superstar at the next level.