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Foster visits Mizzou

Fort Worth (TX) North Crowley DE Marvin Foster committed to Missouri before anyone knew the Tigers were interested in him. Foster has been solid in his commitment and two weekends ago, joined many other Tiger commits on their official visits to Columbia.
"It went great. It was a nice experience for me and everyone was a lot of fun to hang with," said Foster. "It's a place I can spend the next 5 years becoming a better person. The important thing is mom really liked it so she's excited for me to be there. We got to know each other as a class quite a bit. There were a lot of guys that knew each other, but then we got the chance to meet different people and connect a little. We all also got the chance to check out the school and the different interests that we each have academically."
Foster was one of two Texas commits in town, along with Brayden Burnett. The two got a chance to get to know eachother much better, but Foster said he wasn't the only recruit he had a good time talking with over the weekend.
"I talked with Brayden quite a bit," said Foster. "It was a great experience because he's a great guy. It's really cool to know that another guy from my area of the country both shares the same goals and passion for football like me. A lot of people don't know about the Dallas/Fort Worth area and we want to represent the region as much as we can. I also talked some with T.J. Moe and Ronnie Wingo Jr. some too. Jaleel Clark and I also got a chance to hang out some. When our hosts were all hanging out, we got to talk quite a bit."
Foster was hosted over the weekend by another Dallas area Tiger. He said it was nice spending time with someone from the same area as him.
"I got hosted by Kip Edwards this weekend," said Foster. "Kip's also from the same area, being from Arlington. We talked a lot about helping create a solid pipeline between Dallas/Fort Worth and Missouri. He's a guy you can really talk to and can look up to. He's a great leader."
Foster also talked with several other hosts for the weekend as the teammates hung out. Foster said he enjoyed feeling like part of the team and never once thought of himself as being anything less.
"I got to meet Jeremy Maclin. Ronnie, T.J. and I were all hanging out at his house," said Foster. "We just chilled. We met a lot of the other guys after practice. I got to meet Robert Steeples, Kenji Jackson, Jaron Baston, Ziggy Hood, and Sean Weatherspoon. It wasn't like they were treating me any different from the guys on the team already. I felt like part of the team and knew I'd made the right decision."
Foster said his talks with the coaches in Columbia were just as positive as talking with the current players. He said he was looking forward to talking face to face with the coaches he would be playing for over the next half decade.
"I talked with Coach Kuligowski and Coach Steckel quite a bit over the weekend," said Foster. " They were easy to talk with and we had a good time. I like how coach Pinkel took the time to talk one on one with mom and I. We talked about what might happen to me after I get into the program. He did a great job of putting mom at ease and helping her feel comfortable with me going there."
Foster was happy he got to visit Columbia and hoped that it would not be nearly as long until he got to move to Columbia for good.
"I had a blast on my visit and I can't wait to be a Tiger," said Foster. "there's nowhere I'd rather be as a college student and athlete."