Four star RB sets first visit

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Tulsa (OK) Union RB Jeremy Smith has been relatively quiet since committing to Oklahoma State in February. Recently, however, Smith set up an early plan for the weeks following his senior season.
"I know I'm going to go to Missouri for an official on the second week of December," said Smith, the number 5 player in Oklahoma. "I'm not really sure when I'll visit Oklahoma State or Kansas yet. I think it's just how the schedule worked out right now. Missouri felt that would be the best time to visit them, right after the Big 12 title game. I'll probably visit Oklahoma State officially before them, but we haven't set anything up to this point."
Smith said he remained committed to Oklahoma State, but definitely wanted to see other schools. He said he would talk with the OSU coaching staff about his choice soon.
"I think coach Gundy knows I'm taking other visits," said Smith. "He called my coach the other day and they talked a little about it. I'll probably talk to them about it soon."
Along with the Tigers and Cowboys, Smith hoped to visit the Jayhawks as well. He said the three schools had kept in close touch with him over the last month and while the message had been similar many of the times he talked with the coaches, he was glad to continue to learn more about each of the schools.
"I've been talking with Coach Clements from Kansas and Coach Christensen from Missouri," said Smith. "I've also stayed in touch with a lot of the coaches from Oklahoma State. We've been talking about getting me to the schools and checking the schools out. They want to give me a chance to see their football team in person and show me why I'd be a great member of the team."
Smith said he had particularly enjoyed getting to know the Tiger coach over the past month. He said as the two talked, they learned more and more about the other and talk more in depth about the Missouri program.
"Coach Christensen is a really good coach," said Smith. "You can see the results of his job on the field. We're still learning a little about each other, but as we talk more, we're developing a better report with each other. He's been really fun to get to know."
In between calls from coaches, Smith and his teammates at Union had been working to right the ship on their own season.
"It didn't start as well as we wanted it to," said a frustrated Smith. "It got a little better, but it hasn't gotten as good as it should have. The coaches have been doing their job, but the players really haven't, myself included. We had a meeting today to talk about what needs to improve and it goes down to the basic fundamentals and techniques."
Smith hadn't felt the same way watching the three colleges during the fall. He was excited to see the offenses doing well. He looked forward to watching the teams compete against each other later in the year, although he said it wouldn't have the effect some may think.
"Oklahoma State's doing a really good job. Their offense is clicking and the defense looks to be improving every week. Kansas is doing pretty good right now. Missouri's really doing well and will continue to get better as the season goes on. It's a blast watching all three schools offenses. They're explosive and can score whenever they want. I'll definitely be watching Missouri and Oklahoma State very close when they play in a few weeks. I think it's going to be a great game to watch. I'm looking forward to seeing Missouri and Kansas play later in the year. I don't know if it'll really affect my recruiting, though." will continue to follow Smith's recruitment throughout the fall.
No one covers recruiting like Get involved as Tiger recruiting kicks into high gear. Sign up today to start your Free 7-Day Trial.