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Freshman Q&A: Daniel Parker Jr.

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Throughout fall camp, PowerMizzou is catching up with newcomers as they are made available to the media. Friday, freshman defensive end Daniel Parker Jr. spoke to reporters. Here is what the Kansas City native had to say.

Question: How exciting has it been to have a chance to jump in and get some reps so far?

Daniel Parker Jr.: “It was very fun. I like going in with the two’s, I like going in with the three’s, too. I like to get as many reps as I can get.”

Q: How important have Tre Williams and Chris Turner been for you since coming in?

DP: “They’ve been tremendously big for me. I’ve never had kind of like an older brother figure to help me go here, do this. So playbook, they’ve been helping me, but on the field they’re like, do this, do that. And sometimes they’ll challenge me, like, what do you do here? So they played a big part in my performance on the field so far.”

Q: What’s the biggest difference between these practices and high school?

DP: “Tempo. Like for high school, I kind of hit like a little fat man jog from drill to drill, but here it’s like you’ve got to get there now, because as soon as that horn is blowing, they’re going. They’re not waiting on you. It’s either you get there or you get left behind, and I’m pretty sure no one in college football wants to get left behind.”

Q: Do the coaches talk to you and the other true freshman defensive ends about the opportunity to play this year?

DP: “We have no idea yet. I mean, as far as we know, we’re just battling it out, and then by the end of fall camp, we’ll see. But we don’t know anything right now.”

Q: What has been your impression of Brick Haley so far?

DP: “I love him. I kind of already had an impression of him because of how many times I’ve been up here on my visits and stuff, but he means well. Some of the stuff, like, he’ll rip you, get into you, but it’s all to benefit you. Like he’s not going to just pat you on the back 24/7, he’s going to get in your ass and help you so where you can translate that into the film room or on the field. You cant really get down, you gotta make sure you take what he’s saying to you to help you build from a positive aspect.”

Q: Does the fact that you played offensive line in high school help you on defense?

DP: “Yeah, sometimes I line up and I hear and O Lineman make a call and I’m like, okay, I know what you’re about to do now. So I mean it helps a lot.”

Q: Has the coaching staff said, if we ever need help over there, we might move you?

DP: “For sure. Whatever I can do to help the team, that’s what I’m going to do. I don’t have no problem with going over there and helping the team.”