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Freshman Q&A: Simi Bakare

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Throughout fall camp, PowerMizzou.com is talking to as many of the Tiger newcomers as we can.  Here’s our Q&A with freshman running back Simi Bakare.

What has the summer and these first couple of weeks getting your feet wet up here been like?

“It’s been a grind you know. Just adjusting to the workouts, getting used to the college speed and bonding with my new brothers out here.”

Go back a year and you’re preparing for high school football. What’s the biggest difference here?

“Definitely the speed. Everything’s moving real quick and adjusting to the speed and how tough people are out here.”

Take me back to the recruiting process. Mizzou came in pretty late. Remind me where you were going before that and what was the process like with Missouri?

“I was originally committed to Tulane, but Mizzou offered me late. I couldn’t ignore it. The SEC’s been real big to me.”

After Mizzou came in did you start hearing from some other programs that thought maybe they were missing something?

“I heard from a few other programs, but it wasn’t SEC. The opportunity to play against the best people, the best competition, I couldn’t ignore it.”

I know there are guys out there every year who slip through the cracks for whatever reason. Why do you think it took bigger schools so long to notice you?

“I think it took a little bit longer because junior year, I didn’t have that much film. But senior year, I just left it all out on the field to show what I can do.”

For Missouri fans who haven’t seen you play yet, what makes you stand out?

“I think I’m a one cut back. I see the hole and I take off. North and South, I try to get touchdowns immediately.”

Obviously Missouri’s got two pretty established running backs. What’s your approach been coming into camp?

“Just competing. Get after it every day and get better.”

How much of a difference does the new rule make where you can play in up to four games and still keep the redshirt? Does that drive guys?

“Oh yeah, that’s real important. It gives people an opportunity to showcase what they can do and still keep that year. It’s definitely changing how people view their first year.”

Seeing Larry Rountree and Damarea Crockett every day, what stands out to you about those guys and how they go about things?

“They compete in everything they do. They leave it all out on the field. They teach us what to do. I learn from them every snap.”

What’s something you’ve picked up from one of them during camp that they’ve helped you out with?

“Just blocking. Blocking bigger dudes and fitting up on them.”

Did they ask you to block much in high school?

“They asked me to block a little bit, but it’s definitely not the same size as SEC dudes. But I’m adjusting to it.”