Barry Odom's first recruiting class featured two graduate transfers (Alex Ross, Chris Black) and six junior college players (Jack Lowary, Dominic Collins, Natereace Strong, Greg Taylor, Kyle Mitchell, Tyler Howell). We expect all of those except Lowary and possibly Collins to see the field for the Tigers this year. Those are immediate need signings for the most part.

But that leaves 16 high school signees who made it to campus. Which of those will skip a redshirt and see action? We take a look at all of them in this feature.

"As we get going into game week, there's still some decisions to make," Odom said after practice on Monday. "There's a lot of guys showing up that I think can help us win games out of that group. Want to make sure that if it is, you decide to play a freshman, that they're activey going to be playing and not two or three plays a game. That's not fair to the kid. We'll make good decisions on that and I'm excited about that group. Our staff did a really good job on putting this class together. There's a bunch of guys that will help us this year and some that might challenge, the guys that end up redshirting. We've had a lot of really good players around here that have redshirted and by the time they're a fifth-year senior, they're pretty darn good. Depth has a lot to do with that in certain positions whether a kid will play or not, but we're gonna get those guys in position to go help us win."