PowerMizzou - Gicinto details his memorable weekend
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Gicinto details his memorable weekend

On Sunday, Raytown (Mo.) wide receiver Dominic Gicinto became the newest member of the Missouri recruiting class after receiving an offer he'd always dreamed of growing up a Tigers fan.

He recapped his memorable weekend with PowerMizzou.com:

- On receiving an offer from the Tigers and committing:

"It felt good. Like I told you before, being a real big fan of Mizzou it's like a dream come true that most people don't even get to think about."

- On how the offer came about from head coach Barry Odom:

"This morning we had our meetings with the head coach, Barry Odom. Me and my family went in there and he said he loved the way I worked hard and never gave up. He said when I came to camps I worked harder than anybody he's ever seen coast to coast. He said that he couldn't find anybody else more deserving of a scholarship and he told me I had an offer from them.

"I was basically in awe at that point, being offered by the school that you've grown up knowing and loving."

- On the moment you told the staff you were committed:

"It was kind of funny. I actually had walked out of the room after we got done talking and I went and talked to Coach (Andy) Hill. He asked me how it all went and I said 'it went great' and he asked me what I was thinking and I was like 'we both know where I'm going.' He was like, 'does the big man know' and I said 'no, not yet' and he said, 'well, what are you waiting for, let's go talk to him.'"

"So, we went and told Coach Odom that I wanted to be a Mizzou Tiger. It was exciting. It was pretty cool to see the whole coaching staff come in and congratulate me on committing."

- On other aspects that stood out during his official visit:

"We got to eat dinner with the coaches and their families, the other recruits, and some of the players. I got to meet and hang out with people I'll be around everyday, so it was good to get comfortable with them and see who they really are. I asked them some questions about the coaching staff that maybe I couldn't ask the coaching staff and at that point I knew these coaches are the real deal. They are good people, good men, they don't want nothing but the best for you."

- On getting more familiar with the academics:

"Saturday we went and looked around the school and saw some classrooms and see how everything works. I also got to talk to an academic advisor for the department of health science and she really got me to focus on what I needed to do when I came to Mizzou. They really care about you there. Their first goal is to make sure you graduate and I was on board from there."

- On hanging out with other Mizzou commitments throughout the weekend:

"Being around all the other commits and seeing how much they like Mizzou and seeing how much I really like Mizzou, I thought why not join them. They are great guys, really cool. They basically took me in as one of their own even when I wasn't even offered yet."