Kemp sits on a half dozen offers

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Many players in the Class of 2008 will not pick up their first scholarship offers until after going to summer camps and having a chance to work out for coaches. But the truly elite players in the class already have multiple schools calling. DeSmet wide receiver Wes Kemp falls into that group.
"Things are really picking up," Kemp said. "The mail has picked up, the phone calls, text messages. Everything is really picking up since the seniors signed as far as recruiting."

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That will happen when you are 6-foot-3, 223 pounds and average 19.7 yards per reception.
"Everyone wants me as a wideout," Kemp said. "They have seen my film. They know I am a big wide receiver and I can dominate the smaller corners. That's not an issue."
Kemp said he would like to make a decision by the middle of the summer. He has already taken in junior days at Wisconsin and Iowa. He has also checked out the campuses at Missouri, Notre Dame and Tennessee among others.
"I have a good feel for most of the schools I'm looking at," Kemp said. "I told my parents I'd keep the drive within eight to ten hours, so I don't see myself going too far east or west. It's really schools in the Big Ten and the Big 12, maybe Tennessee or some of the southern schools I am looking at."
Kemp is actually further along in the recruiting process than most players his age. He is already talking about favorites and leaders.
"I really like Wisconsin. I went up for their junior day and they offered me and they became, over the trip, I kind of fell in love with the city, they kind of took over my number one spot right now," Kemp said. "One of the schools that's one of my top schools, I love the school and I'm trying to get there is Michigan. They have a great business school and that's what I want to go into."
"In the Big 12, Mizzou is so close to home, and they run five wides all day. So, me being a receiver, you've got to love that. Then Nebraska, they put in the West Coast offense, that offer looks real attractive. Those are my favorites for the Big 12, and then Kansas State, that kind of a program with Josh Freeman, as he matures as a quarterback, they are going to keep on rising as one of the premier programs."
Eventually, Kemp will narrow things down, probably sooner rather than later. He admits that the process is already overwhelming at times.
"It was pretty overwhelming, but I mean, I've got a good family that keeps me grounded and got a good community that raised me. Everybody keeps me grounded," Kemp said. "The biggest thing I learned is to take tings in stride. People are going to tell you what you want to hear…if you get too complacent and happy with were you are at, you won't grow as an athlete and you won't get better."
Kemp is already doing just fine.
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