Like father, unlike son: Bowl breakdown

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Insight Bowl. Reaction?
That's what I wanted. It's the most compelling matchup and I'm good with it for selfish reasons. And I don't think Missouri fans have a right to complain. They'd better show up.
Well, personally, I had my travel plans made to San Diego. Air, hotel on the Beach at La Jolla, a few days extra with your Uncle John and Aunt Carol after. But the Insight is a better bowl than the Holiday, by a long shot. More travel money for Missouri, all of that. So that is fine by me as well.
You buy that the Big 12 went to bat for Missouri?
Probably. In that the Insight people were probably told that it would look like an All-Big Ten bowl rather than a Big 12 vs Big Ten bowl. That, and the fact that the Insight people knew they'd have to deal with Missouri in the longer term, and that they royally screwed the Tigers the previous year by taking Iowa State.
Yeah, it makes sense. I mean, why wouldn't the Insight want Nebraska, who they had to KNOW would sell it out? I can buy it. But they owed Missouri after the last few years to be honest.
Basketball. Look at the last week, what did you think?
Solid week. Would have loved to win the Georgetown game, but a split is all right and six days off are well earned. The only thing the Georgetown loss did is put Vandy in the must win category.
Well, really, they should have gone 3-0. You forgot the Arkansas-Pine Bluff game apparently. This team dodged a real bullet at Oregon. So there is plenty for Anderson to coach up before the Vandy game.
How about this week? What do you think happens against Vandy?
Missouri owes Vandy. Not that they gave away the game in Nashville last season, but that it was taken from them. Missouri gets payback at Mizzou Arena.
The Tigers don't lose non-con games in Mizzou Arena. They won't lose this one.
Final one, it's your last chance to take a shot. Your reaction to the Big 12 title game?
I thought Oklahoma would win and this one had to hurt for Nebraska and the People of the Corn after the Huskers blew a 17-point lead and fumbled everthing in sight.
Don't say I didn't give you the chance to take a shot. Maybe you're a better person than I am. Because you know what? I'll take my shot. My reaction at the end of that game: Thank God, both that the Sooners won and that I had a chance to interview T.J. Moe and ask him what he thought about it.
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